Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (4/30)

Sometimes you think you’ve seen an entire movie already because it’s already been referenced in pop culture. That was the case with me and Rear Window. I know what you’re thinking. It’s because of that Simpsons episode, right?


The contours of the plot are familiar to me because of Mathnet, a short segment that aired on the PBS show Square One. Mathnet is already a parody of Dragnet, so parodying another seminal piece of crime fiction is just getting greedy. Kate Monday is recovering at home, and she suspects her neighbor is a guy who makes bombs. On YouTube, someone stitched together all the Mathnet segments, and it clocks at over an hour, so you’re getting your band with your buck on this one.

Eventually, the TV show Castle did their 100th episode based on Rear Window. I went, “El Santo, you really have to check out the movie for yourself.”

Once I finally did get to watch the movie, Rear Window ended up being tied for my favorite Hitchcock film (along with Vertigo). A lot of it is based on how great the chemistry between Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly is. There’s one thing those parodies don’t really telegraph: how how much of this movie is a romantic movie. The mystery portion is what the movie is famous for, but Stewart and Kelly being sweet to each other I what I enjoyed most.

Today’s prompt: What movie did you see parodied before you saw the real thing?

As always, talk about any movies you’ve seen lately.

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