“Stan & Francine & Connie & Ted” American Dad! S16E03

When Stan and Francine won’t let Steve live as free as his friend Barry, Steve “goes bananas” (in an absolutely delightful vignette of over-the-topness that wouldn’t be half as delightful if it weren’t for Scott Grimes’ trademark shrieks).  Then Barry and Steve plot for Stan and Francine to finally meet Barry’s folks in order to loosen them up, but it turns out that Barry’s groovy, attractive parents are actually swingers.  Steve does what he can to prevent his own parents from succumbing to the temptation, to the point where he winds up catching them with Connie and Ted at an all-nude swingers’ resort.  Evil Barry, last seen many years… er, months, ago, makes a triumphant return!

Meanwhile, Roger puts way too much faith in a pair of Transitions® lenses and winds up staring at an eclipse, which blinds him.  So Jeff and Klaus decide to help Roger out of his suicidal funk by enabling him to fight for justice without using his eyesight.  Hijinks and some rather nasty body horror ensue.

Pretty much everything about this was delightful.

Episode grade: A-

Random observations:

Rogu is back!

“He’s got us by the long hairs, Francine! … Ted suggested we grow out our pubic hair, it’s natural.”

“Not Roger… call me, ‘Blind Justice’!” (Initials “BJ”, of course.)