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Good morning or whenever, fellow politicados! Here are some interesting stories you might not have heard about.

Indigenous Waorani win landmark legal case against Ecuador gov’t

The indigenous Waorani community in Ecuador won a landmark lawsuit on Friday against three government bodies for conducting a faulty consultation process with the community before putting their territory up for sale in an international oil auction.

The ruling immediately suspends any possibility of selling the community’s land for oil exploration. It also sets an important precedent for other communities in Ecuador’s southern Amazon rainforest, trying to keep oil extraction out of their territories.

Waorani community members react after the ruling [Courtesy of Amazon Frontlines]

Romans revolt as tourists turn their noses up at city’s decay

Residents, including Pope Francis, have long lamented the Italian capital’s degrado (decay) – the word frequently used to sum up a city in a perennial state of disrepair, from its rubbish-strewn streets, potholes, scrappy parks and medieval buildings marred by graffiti to closed metro stations and buses that either never come or occasionally combust.

[Tomasso] Tanzilli said: “The problems were there before, but it’s clear that if they’re not resolved they accumulate. Over the past two years or so we’ve watched things crumble – that is the truth, the issues may originate from the past but they are more visible now.”

Image result for rome protest

Indonesia Is a Country Divided as Both Candidates Claim Victory

President Joko Widodo and challenger Prabowo Subianto both say they’ve won the April 17 vote even though a dozen unofficial quick counts showed Jokowi, as Widodo is known, beating his rival by a margin of almost 10 percentage points.

Prabowo is certain to challenge the election outcome in court if he loses again and his supporters will then have no choice but to abide by its ruling, said Dewi Fortuna Anwar, chairman of the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights at the Habibie Center in Jakarta.

“When court ruling is out, I hope people will calm down,” Anwar said. “The tension will not disappear easily, but I hope it will in time.”

An election official holds a ballot during the counting for the general elections at a polling station in Jakarta, April 17.

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