Day Thread 4/:27 Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

Today is Independent Bookstore Day!

I love independent bookstores. The love of books flows through them and the atmosphere is inviting and non-corporate! The people there are friendly and care.

Lots of bookstores are having parties or events today, so if you’ve got a few minutes you should go around and check out your local bookstores.

What kind of events can you expect? Every store is different — that’s what so great about independent bookstores! But a lot of stores will have prizes, food, coffee, posters, stickers, t-shirts, tote bags. limited edition books, and literary inspired art pieces! In past years, creators like George Saunders, Stephen King, Allie Brosh, Roxane Gay, and Neil Gaiman have produced exclusive items for stores. So you never know!

Here’s a map that points you toward independent bookstores that are having special events. But other bookstores deserve your love too!

Have a great day and go to a bookstore!



Optional Discussion: Tell me about your FAVORITE bookstore ever!