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Job Rants Thread – 4/25/2019 – Back in the Saddle


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


So, how’s everyone doing, this week? I don’t know about you all, but things have felt especially stretched, this week. Fun fact: Pneumonia sucks. Fun(ner) fact: Playing catch-up because of pneumonia really sucks. That said, I can at least take solace in the fact that, despite a good chunk of both my sick and vacation time being chewed up by my impromptu convalescence, that also means that I got to miss out on two weeks of potential fires to have to put out; only having to deal with the smoldering ruins left behind.


But enough about <haaaaaacough> me. I open the floor to all of you as we all say goodbye to another week. Hopefully, this one has found you all in reasonably good health and spirits; and, should that unfortunately not be the case, I can hope you’re at least taking care of yourselves; and that you’ll be back at factory settings in no time.

As ever, have a safe and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. (Looking forward to seeing some of you on Saturday!) And remember: Deadlines don’t mean shit, so long as you’ve got a doctor’s note.