Easter Sunday Food Thread 4/21

As a person who was raised Catholic but stopped believing and practicing long ago holidays definitely do bring back memories of family for me. The header image is the last time my dad cooked an Easter ham, yes he did the pineapple rings and cherries and studded it with cloves, that man could cook. My mother would do the dinners after he passed but they were never the same, she wasn’t the cook he was and his presence was notable missing. Now that mom is in a nursing home and rarely aware of what day it is I just am glad for a quiet day off although I’m sure we’ll do some cooking it won’t have to do with Passover or Easter. Looking at that picture I am developing a taste for a baked ham though! Do you have any Passover/Easter traditions or plans? Whatever it is, Let’s eat!

Additionally you might notice that this thread is posting an hour earlier than it used to, the WordPress post settings switched time zones a few weeks back and I hadn’t notice. I did notice however that the thread was getting a bit more traffic at the earlier time so now I’ll continue to post at that time.