To Impeach Or Not To Impeach: That Is The Weekend Politics Thread

Whether ’tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of the outrageous klansman occupying the White House, or to impeach his ass despite a sea of Republican Senators who will block his conviction. What say you?

If not impeachment, then what is the right thing to do? Act “disappointed”? Give pretty speeches?

What if – just maybe – it actually *improved* the party’s standing to demonstrate it has basic principles that can’t be swayed by amateur theorizing about how it might impact the next election. “We are for the rule of law…unless we worry that White Working Class Diner Customers won’t like it” is exactly the kind of spinelessness that those voters detest.

Ed Burmila

Sounds pretty convincing! So if that about sums it up…

If impeachment would backfire — strengthening Trump while weakening congressional Democrats’ ability to hold him accountable in the future — then far from protecting democracy and the rule of law, impeachment would undermine it.

Whatever its motivations, if an impeachment drive is certain to fail and likely to strengthen Trump and congressional Republicans going into the 2020 election — thereby rewarding the very behaviors it’s meant to curb — then I have trouble understanding the point of it.

Ezra Klein

Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. So maybe we should…

Whether or not this is politically wise, failing to impeach would be a grave abdication. If you want people to believe that the misdeeds enumerated in the Mueller report are serious, you have to act like it. To not even try to impeach Trump is to collaborate in the Trumpian fiction that he has done nothing impeachable.

On Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren took the lead among Democratic presidential candidates in calling for impeachment proceedings to begin. Others should follow her.

Michelle Goldberg

Right, well, maybe we need to think about…

As I’ve traveled with a number of the Democratic candidates in the early states, I have been struck by how infrequently the subject of the Mueller investigation has come up. The crowds are large and enthusiastic, eager for the contest to get underway, but seem far more interested in hearing about issues such as health care, jobs and the environment, which have a more direct impact on their own lives.

This is the debate that needs to happen — and that would be smothered if the election becomes a referendum on impeachment.

Karen Tumulty

But, but…

I mean, I guess…

Hey man, watch your language, let’s at least keep things civil…

[WPT dictator’s note – Trump also retweeted the phrase “circle jerk” on Friday. Just FYI.]

OK, disregard civility. What’s the right call here? I mean, I have an opinion, but I can hardly claim to be sure of it. Anyone else want to chime in?

We must not make a scarecrow of the law, setting it up to fear the birds of prey, and let it keep one shape till custom make it their perch and not their terror.

Wow, that’s deep, man. So you’d be in favor of…

Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.

Can’t you just pick a side, please? But I guess the debate continues. So cry havoc! and let slip the comments of politics. No threats against anyone, please.