A.P. Bio – Season 2, Episodes 4 – 6: “Toledo’s Top 100”, “J’Accuse”, & “Melvin”

The last three weeks have given us three new episodes of A.P. Bio, though, in my humble opinion, nowhere near as strong as the first three episodes of the season.


Toledo’s Top 100
This episode leaned far too much into cringe comedy for my tastes, both in the main plot with Jack, and the subplot with a couple of the more socially awkward students trying to pick up chicks (though the hand kissing was funny, I’ll admit). The ending was also super predictable.

Now this episode was a lot of fun. In the past I’ve been pretty lukewarm about episodes where Jack tries to romance someone, but him and Lynette play off each other really well. But there did seem to be a real missed opportunity here: after Jack and Lynette leave the party, having “murdered” everyone else, but not bothering to take credit for it, the last scene of the episode really should have been everyone back at the party laying on the floor, playing dead, waiting for someone to end the game.

Okay, on its own this episode is fine. An escalating prank war, Jack and Lynette having great chemistry, Durbin having no idea how yearbook photos work, lots of great Heather lines (“Nothing gets my father’s whore revved up like a night at the dog track”), a John Wick homage, Grace continuing her disturbing attitude towards animals, and, of course, the “magic dumpster” and “Moppy”. But despite all that, I can’t help being bothered by one thing: you got Christopher Lloyd for an episode, and this is all you gave him to do!?!


What have you all thought about these last few A.P. Bio eps?