“Fantasy Baseball” American Dad! S16E01

Somehow this is the beginning of season 16, a week after the end of season 15.  I don’t know how this works, either, but whatever.

After Stan insults Steve’s obsession with being a “Dungeon Master” for D&D, Steve creates a desktop fantasy version of baseball to try to bond with Stan.  Once the commissioner of baseball sees Steve umpiring a game of real baseball in his own flamboyant style that is bringing youth interest back to the sport, he puts Steve in charge of revamping the game.  Hilarity ensues!

Meanwhile, Francine and Roger’s favorite soap opera, Sex Hospital, is canceled without warning, so Roger attempts to recreate the same kind of drama in real life.  Francine’s not impressed, in parallel to Stan in the A-plot.

Overall I wasn’t really drawn in here.  The two plots don’t interact much at all, and neither has anything particularly interesting to say outside of a few amusing lines and sight gags.  Earlier episodes have done much better with the “Steve is a nerd and his jock dad doesn’t really appreciate him” thing.

Episode grade: C