The Day Thread of Francine Hibiscus

Today we honor the birth of another commenter on the site, Francine Hibiscus.  A longtime poster whose time with us dates back to our existence as The A.V. Club After Dark, you can now most commonly find her here in the Open Threads or on the Sex and Relationships threads (two threads you are unlikely to find me).

She also has a grey parrot and is into knitting and tattoos of which she has several of her own.  I’d repost the ones of hers that she’s posted on the site before, but that’s just a bit too creepy to do especially without an okay.  Instead, here are some nice rather impressive flower tattoos online.  Emphasis here is on hibiscuses for no reason whatsoever.

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So make sure that you give Francine a big hello the next time you see her around, but most importantly, why don’t you wish her a Happy Birthday today.