Comic Book Reviews – Marvel Team Up #1

Marvel Team Up #1

Eve Ewing – Writer

Joey Vazquez – Artist

Peter Parker has been invited back to his alma mater Empire State University to give an introduction for his friend and fellow colleague Dr. Yesenia Rosario. She is giving a keynote address on her newest invention dubbed “Polly.” Polly is a device that can turn a person’s memories into data.

After Peter gives a rousing speech, he steps off stage and his Spider-Sense begins to tingle. Peter changes into his Spider-Man costume and discovers that the Jackal has interrupted Yesenia’s address and stolen the doctor’s device. As Spider-Man leaps into action before the Jackal can run off, a tussle ensues as Ms. Marvel enters the fray. Kamala rescues Dr. Rosario from harm’s way and returns to the scene of the battle with a dire warning: Dr. Rosario has initiated a self-destruct sequence on Polly.

Spider-Man uses his webbing to snag the device from the Jackal’s clutches as Ms. Marvel apprehends the villain and turns him into police custody. As Spider-Man works feverishly to stop the device from being destroyed, it’s too late and both Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel are caught in the explosion. As the dazed superheroes try to get their bearings, the issue ends with the heroes realizing they have switched bodies in a Freaky Friday/Vice Versa type scenario.


This isn’t the end of the story. You can read this book from both sides! If you read the Spider-Man story first, you flip the comic over and you get the part of the story on how Kamala ended up at Empire State University. I thought the way this story was presented was fresh, original, and inventive.

To celebrate Marvel Comics’ Eightieth Anniversary, the comics giant has been revamping old titles with a modern flair and touch. Marvel Team Up ran for one hundred and eighty-six issues from March 1972 until February 1985. Eve Ewing has given comic fans a blockbuster team up with Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel in issue one. Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man have crossed paths before in limited series crossovers, but this is the first time I can remember them actually working together since Kamala Khan’s debut in 2014. (If I am wrong -please don’t hesitate to correct me). It will be nice to see how Peter and Kamala try to reverse the damage that was done while also seeing how the other half lives in the next issue.

Next issue – Looks like trouble for our hero, Spider-Man, also known as Kamala Khan. Er…wait. We mean Ms. Marvel, also known as Peter Parker. Dang, that’s not right either. Peter Khan? Kamala Parker? Well, whoever it is, this duo isn’t feeling so dynamic at the moment, and they need to work it out fast. In Stores May 1, 2019