The Creative Endeavors Thread Does a Retouch

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This weekend, in the midst of an ongoing creative current, I finally decided to try out one of the gessoed wood panels I picked up from Blick in Detroit on my next-to-last visit. I’d been intrigued to give them a go for some time, but I really wanted to make these count, so have kinda steered away in favor of the usual canvas or card boards. So I worked on an idea I’d had a couple of weeks ago with acrylic (for various reasons, it was kinda the perfect medium/surface combo, so that helped), and finished Aquamont Homestead yesterday.

I was pretty pleased with it, by and large, and took the opportunity at the same time (given that I only had the one painting to varnish and prefer to do several at once) to fix an issue with one of my favorite paintings thus far, Cypress Sounds (acrylic on canvas panel, 2018). I got in the habit of using the glass surfaces that come with the frames I’ve been getting from Michaels, but one or two have stuck to the varnish after I apply it beforehand, even after letting it dry.

Thinking that it would look a lot better if I took the glass out, I found it picked up a small chip of the picture. It wasn’t large by any stretch, the size of a large pinhead, but that little white dot near the corner was deeply annoying whenever I looked at it. I went ahead and added an extra layer of greenery, thereby fixing that, but it was my first experience tinkering with one of my long-finished paintings (post-varnish or no), and, though I’m fine with that, it still felt weird.

That said, it feels like I’m getting to a nice balance, not just in work-life, but also between drawing and painting. Clearing the decks with reading, too, hoping to give myself a nice free space to finish the webcomic later this summer (probably August).

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