LIVE Israeli Election Coverage!

Hello, all! My live video coverage begins at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time. Until then, I will deliver some news updates in the comments, and you can watch all of my election videos in the playlist below. Feel free to comment or ask questions at any time.

EDIT: Live coverage has ended. Due to the Party List system, the full results of the election will not become clear until every vote has been counted. In the coming days, the President will choose a party leader to form a government. Tomorrow, Netanyahu’s trial will begin with a preliminary hearing.

When the results are clear, I will prepare a summary video. After that, I’m hoping to continue covering Israeli politics, but also want to expand into ancient history, food, and travel.

For the time being, it appears that both Blue & White and Likud have outperformed their polls, both taking over 30 seats. Many of the right-wing parties did indeed split the vote; neither the New Right nor the overhyped libertarian party Zehut received enough votes to sit in the Knesset.

The most likely path in my opinion is that Gantz will be appointed as Prime Minister. He will likely form a national unity government including Likud– enabling that party to stay in power while keeping Netanyahu from sticking around or giving himself immunity. This coalition will likely also include my party Labor, who will lobby hard for a more aggressive approach to peace with the Palestinians.

Whatever the case, make no mistake that history has been made. Despite the prognostications of those, whether supporters of Netanyahu or opponents, who have been blinded by his co-opting of our nation, he is not invincible. Despite a strong economy, accountability remains. People will not continue to support a leader who accepts rockets over Sderot, Tel Aviv, or Mishmeret as the cost of living; who responds to growing wealth inequality by giving tax breaks to oligarchs or approving corporate mergers in exchange for bribes; or who turns his back on liberal democracy to ingratiate himself to men like Trump or Bolsonaro, the same men who sent me and many of my compatriots to seek safe harbor in our ancestral homeland.

At least not at a cost. Whatever the world may think of us at this time, the Israel I saw in the ever-expanding solar fields of the Negev still burns bright.

התיקווה חי, החלום לא ימות.

Good night.