“The Future is Borax” American Dad! S15E22

Stan’s a fan of Barry again?  Is Barry off his anti-psychotic pills again?  They don’t tell us, but he serves as a very convenient vehicle to get Stan and Francine from everyday bickering to a couple’s make-up retreat.  They get lost in a hot air balloon, which leads them to figure out that they don’t bicker as long as they’re too busy surviving together.

Meanwhile, Roger, Steve, Hayley, and Klaus are working up jingles for local restaurants, which, of course, goes to Roger’s head.  Predictable, but as is the genius behind Roger, he instantly takes it to a Phil Spector-inspired extreme.

Some good stuff here, with some good lines and visuals.  A couple of true belly laughs.  Not exactly a series peak, but a good time nonetheless.  Connecting the A and B plots a bit more might have elevated this to a higher level.

Episode grade: B-

Random observations:

“And now our last hope is a balloon shaped like my nutsack.” “You WISH your nutsack was as red as this!”

Hayley with the Arkanoid arcade cabinet reference!

The post-kiss lip skin thing was… unpleasant.