Best Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Song Tournament- Nominations

You know what to do! Choose your favorite songs to see which ones make it in the bracket! According to Rachel Bloom, there are 157 songs in the show, and 128 of them will make it into the first round. (Or 64, if you’re really uncreative.)


  • Linking to the music video is allowed and encouraged; they’re part of what makes the songs great.
  • Try to avoid repeat nominations or discussing songs that have been already nominated. (To make it easier for everybody to read, don’t make a top-level post about how “Having A Few People Over” is underrated if it’s already been nominated- just reply to the nomination.)
  • Reprises and theme songs are allowed.
  • The songs with the most upvotes win, and the highest-upvote songs are seeded against the lowest-upvote songs.

May the best song win!