To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Season 1 Review

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

Well, we’ve made it through 19 episodes, and all of Season 1, so it’s time for a short break for a recap.

DS9 is an ensemble show, and season 1 did a…fairly good job of introducing the main players.

Commander Sisko

First up is Benjamin Sisko, the commander of the space station, a widower with one son.

sisko serious

Sisko is a pretty no-nonsense type of commander, who does his best to be reasonable and understanding, but also has no time for games. Although he’s reluctant to take the job in the beginning, he accepts his role after meeting the wormhole opens up and things get a little more interesting.

Best Outfits:

 Sisko is rarely seen in anything but his uniform, sadly, but he does get two opportunities to dress up in Season 1. First is in the first episode, where he shows off his taste in bathing suits:

sisko beach
I don’t know what he was thinking here.

Second is in episode 6, where Q gives him a boxing outfit.

sisko boxing
We can’t give him credit for this one, since he he clearly had no choice.

The rest of the Starfleet Crew consists of:

Jadzia Dax:

Science Officer. A member of a joined species, Dax is simultaneously a young woman and a hundreds year old slug. Sadly, she doesn’t get much to do in Season 1, even though she has an entire episode named after her.

So very sad.

Julian Bashir:

 Doctor. A young man, Bashir longs for adventure and whatever comes his way, but he’s sadly rather naïve about what that entails. He puts his foot in his mouth more than once, and he’s intent on pursuing romance with Jadzia Dax, although she states many times that the feeling is not mutual.

Bashir doesn’t even get to wear his dress uniform this season, since he misplaced it. Although he does go to purchase a suit, he never actually even tries on the jacket.

bashir suit
He probably wouldn’t have much occasion to wear it, to be fair.

Miles O’Brien 

Chief of Engineering. Familiar to viewers of The Next Generation, O’Brien, his wife Keiko, and daughter Molly leave the Enterprise and come to DS9 in hopes of more interesting storylines. Perhaps for that reason, he gets a bit more attention than the rest of the Starfleet crew, and we have a pretty good sense of his personality.

O’Brien gets to wear a stylish set of robes when he tries out a new job as mystical storyteller on Bajor, but he ultimately decides he’s happier on the station, and gives the clothes back.

obrien cloak
Can’t say I blame him overall, the job kind of sucked.

Bajoran Crew

 DS9 is a Bajoran space station, so the crew is stocked with Bajoran representatives as well as Starfleet officers.

Kira Nerys

 The Bajorans, like the Japanese, prefer to list their family name first, so Kira is Nerys’s family name. A former resistance fighter during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, Major Kira is assigned to DS9 as the liason between the Bajoran Provisional Government and Starfleet.

Kira might possibly get the most character development of the season aside from Sisko; she spends much of the series coming to terms with the idea of being the authority instead of the one resisting authority. She usually sticks to an ordinary Bajoran uniform, which in the first episode was paired with a slightly longer hairstyle.

kira ep1
19 episodes later, and I still don’t love the Bajoran uniform.

By episode 2, however, she’d cut her hair short, and removes her jacket a few times to reveal that a rather fancy sleeveless shirt is apparently part of the Bajoran standard issue.

kira sleeveless
Which makes me wonder if the men wear the same style….


Odo, a shapeshifter, is the only one of his kind. The security officer when the Cardassians ruled the station, Odo keeps his job because he’s trustworthy and incorruptible.


Sadly, despite an obviously infinite possibility for clothing, Odo never wears anything but his uniform.


There are a lot of civilians living, working, and passing through DS9, and the best part? They don’t have to wear uniforms!

Keiko O’Brien

 The wife of Miles O’Brien, chief of Engineering, Keiko is a well-trained botanist. Since DS9 doesn’t have much for her to do (and I guess she doesn’t want to study plants on Bajor), Keiko becomes a schoolteacher.

Sometimes this means boring outfits.


Sometimes this means frumpy outfits.

I like the colors, but the sweater/jacket is too big.

But somehow she manages to look pretty good, and like she wouldn’t be totally out of place in our modern world.



An opportunistic Ferengi (are there any other kinds?) Quark runs the main bar/restaurant/gambling establishment/hang out joint on DS9. He’s known for his lack of morals, and also his fashion sense.

This is his lighter-colored upholstery jacket.

Ferengi style is almost uniform, with a similar style of short jacket over brighter shirts, and high-waisted pants.

quark short
This is the darker colored upholstery jacket.

He does commit the faux-pas of having his pants tucked into his socks, but I forgive him for that because the camera rarely bothers with full-body shots like this one.


 The son of Quark’s brother, Rom (who is not often seen in this season), Nog is unique among Ferengis in that he wants to learn. Nog persuades his father and uncle to send him to human school, but is later ordered against it.

Interestingly, Ferengi children are apparently not yet required to wear jackets, and Nog usually opts for layers, usually of a looser-fitting shirt over a tighter one.


Sometimes his color choices are okay, and sometimes less so.

No, they actually are not dancing in this shot.

However, this is all forgivable, because at least he doesn’t wear jumpsuits. Unlike….

Jake Sisko

As the only child of the commander, you’d think that Jake would be held to a high standard of fashion; someone to look up to. Instead, Jake wears jumpsuits.

The dark green on green is not terrible.

Best for serious thoughts.

The beige and purple is a little worse.

Is it any surprise he doesn’t attract the female in this episode?

The blue and purple might be worse?

She’s dressed way better than either of them.

But the award for WORST JUMPSUIT OF SEASON 1 goes to…

Just look at her face, it says: “No.”

This horrible three-colored monstrosity!

Guest Stars

 To be honest, most of the interesting fashion of Season 1 comes not from the regular players, but from the guest stars. So here, briefly, is a review of the most interesting fashion from the one-episode wonders.

Lursa & Betor of the House of Duras

 As seen in Episode 2 (or 3 if you’re watching Netflix), Past Prologue.

klingon sisters
I highly advise complimenting them, if you value your life.

Notable mostly for…their hairstyle. Yeah, that’s it. Oh, and also the practicality of their outfits, which were surely made with safety and protection in mind.

Unnamed Alien

As seen in Episode 4, Babel.

unnamed alien

I think this guy (or another of his species) shows up in a few subsequent episodes, but in this one he plays a guy who is first unhappy with, but then pleased with Quark’s offering of stew. Notable mostly because I can’t quite tell what’s going on here, but I like it.


 As seen in Episode 6, Q-Less

sisko boxing
Put up your dukes and fight Q for best outfit of Season 1.

Technically, Q should get the credit for Sisko’s boxing outfit as well. Just fascinating.

Madame Arbiter

 As seen in Episode 7, Dax


Notable mostly for her awesome attitude. I could have watched this arbiter just arbitrate all day and night. She had no time for any of your crap.

Also, her outfit is pretty cool. Layered dress. Shawl. Shades of blue. I like it.

Vantika’s Henchmen

 As seen in Episode 8, The Passenger

The purple dude looks like he may or may not be the unnamed alien listed above. Hard to tell.

I dig the guy with the pirate look. He doesn’t get much to say, but I like the look.

The Wadi

 As seen in Episode 9, Move Along Home

the wadi
Bonus points for matching tattoos and outfits.

I can’t really single out any individual here, as they’re all dressed similar. So much shine!


 As seen in Episode 15, If Wishes Were Horses


Kind of bright colors, but otherwise decent costume design.

Lwaxana Troi

 As seen in Episode 16, The Foresaken


 Lwaxana wears three different outfits in this episode, and while this is the simplest, it is my favorite. It was a tough choice to pick her over her fellow ambassadors in this episode, however, as they all had very creative outfits.

Vedek Winn

As seen in Episode 19, In the Hands of the Prophets 

Hat inspired by the Sydney Opera House.

I just did this episode last week, so I won’t talk much about it now, but everything about this outfit is awesome, especially the hat.

What are your favorite episodes or outfits from Season 1?

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Tune in next week as we resume regular recaps with Season Two! Will there be new outfits? Find out!