RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11: Episode 6 Discussion Thread

Hey, kitty girls! Welcome to another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11!

Last week, the queens competed in the Monster Ball, delivering three distinct looks on the runway. Brooke Lynn Hytes won her second challenge (and her second design challenge) of the season, wowing the judges by walking the runway en pointe.

Shuga Cain and Ariel Versace landed in the bottom two and, after a lipsync to “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” by Whitney Houston, Ariel sashayed away. Ariel might have been criticized for sticking with her Rainbow Brite aesthetic each week, but you can’t deny that she livened up the workroom. Check out her exit interview with Michelle Visage below:

This week, the queens compete in the 69th annual Draglympics, hosted by Olympic figure skater Adam “I Love That” Rippon. You might remember Adam Rippon from the season 11 live ruveal that was so legendarily terrible, VH1 permanently deleted it from their YouTube channel. Here’s a highlight reel:

Plastique’s face says it all.

Also: has the entire production team forgotten the cheerleading challenge from season nine? The challenge that injured several of the season’s queens? The challenge that was responsible for Eureka withdrawing from the competition?

They have? Okay. Choices.

(Also: “Rulympics” was right. there.)

Will the queens stand up to scrutiny from guest judges, choreographer Travis Wall and Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu? Let’s find out! Hope no-one tears a ligament or cracks a rib this time.

As per usual, this thread is for discussing the episode both as it airs and afterwards, so exercise judgment when it comes to using spoiler tags. Especially spoilery details are advised to be placed in spoiler tags.

In the words of Tatianna, thank yew, and enjoy tonight’s episode!