“Fleabiscuit” American Dad! S15 E21

Jeff Fischer is a very reliable vehicle for plots that require things that are both stupid and hilarious.  His earnestness in everything he attempts is infectious and joyous, enough so that even the most head-shaking things can become entertaining.  This time he buys a racing greyhound, “Fleabiscuit”, and suddenly the Smith family is transformed into greyhound racing fans, despite the obvious fact that the glamor in the sport faded decades ago.  Hayley is upset that Jeff is upstaging her, so Roger becomes her champion racing dog to compete against Fleabiscuit.

In the B-plot, Steve is the only one left out of the greyhound racing, so he decides to have a little “naked time” at home.  (Who among us hasn’t experienced the teenage thrill of secret nudity?)  This serves absolutely no point, but hey, we get some more great Scott Grimes voice acting, so it’s all good.

Episode grade: B+

Random Observations:

Tuttle is a dog race announcer, apparently.  Richard Kind must be hard up for $$$ these days.

“Hey, Francine, who let the dogs out?” “I dunno, the gatekeeper?”

“And finishing last is Buttstuff!  A lot of Buttstuff fans are gonna be sore tonight!”

“Nobody says NO to the Gram-man!”  “You’re saying Kelsey Grammer has sex with dogs?”  “Yeah, Niles bangs turtles, everyone in Hollywood knows this stuff.”

“I’m still mad at you, but I gotta admit, it’s pretty cool that your brother draws on his pubic hair.”  [This breaks canon: Klaus controlled Steve in water polo by grabbing his pubic hair à la Ratatouille a couple seasons ago.]