Still Watching: Santa Clarita Diet

Dropping last Friday, the third season of the Netflix undead, family sitcom Santa Clarita Diet hit the ground running. Following the adventures of Sheila and Joel Hammond, their high school aged daughter Abby and neighbor boy Eric as they try to figure out how to live a normal, upper middle class life in the idealized California suburb of Santa Clarita once Sheila becomes an undead flesh eater. Unlike the typical zombie fare, Sheila – played by America’s Sweetheart and the only woman on my wife’s “list” Drew Barrymore – doesn’t suffer the body decaying and single minded blood lust of your “Walking Dead” zombies. Other than her need to eat human flesh, and inability to die, she’s become simply a more confident, better feeling version of herself. Husband Joel played way against type by Timothy Olyphant (try finding some Sheriff Seth Bullock in Joel) is trying to just keep it all together as the body count grows and the list of dangers; from law enforcement, rival real estate agents, nosy neighbors and “The Knights of Serbia” continue to grow.

This is just a great show with episodes that bear re-watching simply for the rapid fire one-liners that are reminiscent of the best Tina Fey. The current supporting cast, from Natalie Morales to Joel McHale to Portia De Rossi to this season’s addition of Goran Visnjic are all fantastic. Are you still watching? If so, please cover any spoilers for season 3 – I’m still only halfway through myself.