The Weekend Politics Thread Plays the Game

So, Brexit! The UK, pictured below, on the right.


Side note – On April 10, happy 90th birthday to Max von Sydow! I guess his game went better than the one in the movie. Anyway, it’s interesting (read: horrifying) to watch the British Parliament badly playing three-dimensional chess against every other political entity in existence.

The strategy favored by Brexiteers in general seems to be pretending it’s a different game, like they’re playing solitaire at the poker table. The other players sitting at the table haven’t been too receptive to that approach, and since they hold all the cards, they don’t have to be.

EU gives Britain 11 days to come up with new Brexit plan

The Danish prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said Britain was running out of time. “House of Commons did not seize their third chance to secure an orderly Brexit,” he tweeted. “Very discouraging. UK must now show a way to avoid a no deal. Almost out of options and time. We will intensify our no-deal preparations.”

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, after meeting Barnier in Warsaw, said: “We are open to consider a motion to extend the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union by six, nine or 12 months.

“For us the basic thing would be to have the UK stay in the EU. We have always wanted that and I personally have been persuading prime minister May to that, but these are obviously internal affairs of the UK, and three years ago they made their decision”

In other words, Europe’s message remains the same: THIS IS A STUPID GAME AND PLEASE JUST STOP PLAYING IT. Anyway, musical interlude!

So what’s the final outcome of this messy game? As we have all realized by now, going through with Brexit means the citizens of the UK lose. How big the loss is yet to be determined. Best-case scenario (other than the whole thing not happening): Brexit is somehow softened, and the dire economic consequences are merely terrible and awful. Worst-case (or is it?) scenario: Brexit is as hard as can be, the British economy and job market are wrecked for a generation, and component parts of the UK move toward independence. THE LITERAL END OF THE COUNTRY.

That’s one high-stakes game you’re playing, Britain.


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