2019 NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 and Elite 8 Thread

Entering our second weekend, there aren’t a lot of underdogs left. I guess we have Gonzaga from the West Coast Conference, but they’ve been a top-of-the-bracket fixture for some time now. We have Houston from the American, even though they are led by familiar face Kelvin Sampson. There’s low-seeded Oregon, who wouldn’t even be here without at Pac-12 tourney run, but they made a Final Four just a couple of years ago. There’s Auburn, from the SEC but without much of a legacy in basketball beyond Charles Barkley. There are Texas Tech and Virginia Tech, far down the traditional pecking orders in their own conferences and states.

And then there’s Virginia. A team that has gone toe-to-toe with mega-programs Duke and North Carolina in the ACC in the last few years, but is also something of a national laughingstock due to embarrassing exits from the tournament. I think they kind of fit the bill.

CreepGang (The Loveable Creep?) currently leads the Avocado bracket, with Harvey Dent just 10 points behind. Creep and Harvey also tied for the First Weekend prize, with a total of 51 points.