Sports Corner – March 27, 2019

There is a lot going on the sports world, of course.  But for me the only story is MLB opening day. So let me offer the official 2019 Sports Corner predictions!

NL East – As much as I want to pick the improved but flawed Mets, I think the Nats and Phils are better. I am going with the Nats in first, the Phils ahead of the Mets for a wild card, the Braves treading water, and the Marlins bring relegated.

Nl Central – The Cards did enough to contend again and come in ahead of the Cubs. But the Brewers are probably in the best shape in the division and maybe the league. Don’t sleep on the Reds. But feel free to sleep on the Bucs.

NL. West – The Dodgers are the class of the West but without a reliable Kershaw and few improvements, I doubt they get to the Series again. The Rockies could surprise the Dodgers but likely settle for a wild card. The Padres aren’t there yet, and neither are the DBacks. Madbum traded by July.

AL East – The Red Sox are resting on their laurels. Which might be a mistake even with all their talent. The Yankees bullpen might provide the edge. But it’s very close. Look for the Rays to be the other wild card. The Jays and O’s are cannon fodder.

AL Central – The Indians tried to backslide but should still win easily in the weakest division. Twins could surprise but the rest are in the tank.

AL West – I think the Astros are the best team in baseball, and no one comes close to challenging them in the division. A’s do okay, Angels wait for their farm system, M’s and Rangers join the tank.

World Series: Astros over Brewers

And now that I am done, talk amongst yourselves.