Sports Corner – March 20, 2019

March Madness is here.  On the men’s side, which I only have a casual knowledge of, it could be the usual mix of upsets and chalk, or it could be the coronation of King Zion of Duke. On the women’s side, which I know even less about, UConn is no longer the towering favorite.  And somewhere out there, teams are getting ready for DII and DIII tourneys.  It’s an incredibly busy time, and if you know something about smaller schools, the women’s games, or something that we don’t talk about enough, please feel free to chime in.

Also of note…

  • Baseball season gets off to an early start in Tokyo, and by now Ichiro has returned to both the Mariners and to his old stomping grounds.
  • Mike Trout signs for a jillion dollars and till the end of time.  Good for him.  But can the Angels ever contend even with him?
  • Who would have ever predicted that the Nuggets would still be be even with the Warriors? No one seems to think the Nugs will go far in the playoffs, but I would be careful.
  • More football free agency, with Blake Bortles moving the Rams, no doubt confusing Jason Mendoza big time.

As ever, all sports talk welcome.

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