Comic Book Review – Blossoms 666 #2

Blossoms 666 #2

Writer – Cullen Bunn

Artist – Laura Braga

Recap – “Cheryl and Jason Blossom are Riverdale High royalty. They’re loved by students and teachers alike, and everyone wants to be their friend, but they have a deep, dark secret: both are heirs to the throne of the dark lord. Their sibling rivalry goes beyond the norm as both are in a competition to be the one and only Anti-Christ. However, to prove themselves worthy they have to make a few sacrifices. When the two hosted a rager with everyone at Riverdale high invited, the party ended with more than just a few spilled drinks and broken hearts -Reggie Mantle wound up tortured, with Ethel Muggs and Dilton Doiley following the siblings down a dark and disturbing path.”

It’s Monday morning at Riverdale High School and Ms. Grundy is taking attendance. Reggie’s name is called but no one answers. Dilton runs out of the classroom sick to his stomach. Ethel’s name is called next, but she is also not at school today. Miles away, a mysterious figure is seen entering the city limits of Riverdale.

Betty checks on Dilton after his episode in class and he tells her he is okay, but to stay away from him. Cheryl sees this encounter taking place from afar. School is over for the day and the Blossom twins arrive back home. The sheriff is there to ask them about the party they had last weekend and any information on Reggie and Ethel. Jason tells the lawman that Ethel left the party with everyone else and that he didn’t see Reggie at all. Cheryl advises the sheriff to meet with Dilton about the party and the missing teens. The sheriff thanks the twins for their help and before he leaves, pledges his undying allegiance to the dark ones.

At Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe, Betty tells the gang that she has a feeling something is going on with the twins and she is going to get to the bottom of it. Jughead vouches for Jason after he stopped Ms. Grundy from failing Jughead. That evening, Betty snoops around the grounds of the Blossom mansion and finds Ethel. Ethel is raving about forgiveness for what she’s done and points to a cave. Betty goes inside and finds a Satanic statue within the darkness.

The twins watch this take place from the safety of their home. Jason suggests that corrupting Betty to their way of thinking could be the measure that wins the competition. A voice from behind them says that’s a wonderful idea. The figure seen earlier in the issue stands, and is revealed as the twins’ older brother Julian, true heir to the infernal throne.

I totally missed the encounter between Jason and Ethel at the party in issue one. What did Ethel do that she is seeking forgiveness for and how will this affect Archie and the gang? Did she make a bargain with the Devil? If she did, what on earth could she want that would cost her soul? Jughead’s undying love, maybe? The reveal of Julian at the end of this issue adds a nice wrinkle to the battle between Jason and Cheryl. Anyone that can turn beloved Betty Cooper to the side of devil’s deserves to be the winner of the title of Anti-Christ. I just don’t see this happening! Or will it?

Next Issue: The Blossom twins have challenged one another to a competition. The challenge: corrupt Betty Cooper! The winner claims the title of Anti-Christ. But a mysterious figure has entered Riverdale, and he wants in on the competition- and the reward-himself!  In Shops: Apr 17, 2019