The Night Thread Uses Last Names

Happy March 16!

One guy who didn’t have one was legendary director Frank Capra, the man behind such great films as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It’s a Wonderful Life (JOEY).

On this day in 1934, poor Frank suffered a devastatingly embarrassing moment at the 6th Academy Awards.

Frank was nominated for Best Director for Lady for a Day.

Jerkass presenter Will Rogers awarded the statue by saying “I’ve watched this young man for a long time. Saw him come up from the bottom. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Come up and get it, Frank!”

Capra was on his way to the stage when he noticed the spotlight was on the actual winner: Frank Lloyd, director of Cavalcade.

He hopefully got over it when he won Best Director the next year. Then again in 1937. Then again in 1939. He’s tied for second-most Best Director Oscars (after John Ford, who had four).

Moral: Capra was an awesome director (Joey) and Will Rogers was dumb dick.

Also, if you’re ever presenting an award, use the winner’s full name!