Following a villainous altercation gone wrong, Fred Myers, a.k.a. Boomerang, sees an opportunity to get the law off his back for good by declaring himself a newly reformed superhero! But going straight isn’t easy when you still owe a debt to the Kingpin of crime himself, Wilson Fisk! Or when you just… don’t really want to.


Splash Page:

The pitch black face of MISTER NEGATIVE, topped by a shock of pure white hair, shouts off the page at the reader.

MISTER NEGATIVE: Where is that data!?!

Also on this page is the issue’s title:



Panel 1:

Wide shot. In the Tinkerer’s radio repair shop, OVERDRIVE leans backwards as far as he can without falling over, attempting to distance himself both from MISTER NEGATIVE, who leans aggressively towards him, and the sword held to his neck by one of Mister Negative’s several masked INNER DEMONS.

OVERDRIVE: I’m telling you, I don’t know! None of this makes any sense! I swear on my life that I took the web-shooter straight to you.

OVERDRIVE: The only other person who even touched it for more than two seconds is…

Panel 2:

Close-up of OVERDRIVE. His eyes widen with a sudden realization.


Panel 3:

Extreme wide shot. The LMD of the TINKERER, sitting at the desk at the back of the shop, speaks up. Over its shoulders, two heavy laser cannons emerge from hidden compartments in the wall and start to power up, their sights pointed at MISTER NEGATIVE and his INNER DEMONS. Mister Negative shies back a bit.

TINKERER: If you’ll forgive the imposition, Mr. Li, I would remind you that I do prohibit violence in this establishment.

SOUND EFFECT: *Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiine*

TINKERER: Whenever possible.

MISTER NEGATIVE: My apologies. We will… conclude our business elsewhere.

Panel 4:

Similar wide shot. The INNER DEMONS file out the door with OVERDRIVE in tow. MISTER NEGATIVE looks back over his shoulder as the TINKERER speaks up again.

SOUND EFFECT: *Ding-a-ling*

TINKERER: Though there’s also the small matter of the items your associates pocketed.

Panel 5:

Medium shot of MISTER NEGATIVE, halfway out the door. He smirks.

MISTER NEGATIVE: Consider those compensation for the severe emotional distress I have experienced here today.

Panel 6:

Wide shot. As the door closes behind Mister Negative, the TINKERER is left alone in an empty shop.

SOUND EFFECT: *Ding-a-ling*

TINKERER: Of course, sir.


Panel 1:

Wide shot, out on the street. It’s quite dark at this point. In the background, one of the INNER DEMONS throws his drawstring bag of loot into the trunk of a black car, one of several in Mister Negative’s caravan. In the foreground, OVERDRIVE and MISTER NEGATIVE speak.

OVERDRIVE: Well, what a hilarious misunderstanding this all has been.


Panel 2:

Close-up of MISTER NEGATIVE, appearing deceptively reasonable.

MISTER NEGATIVE: The next words you say will determine your future.

MISTER NEGATIVE: I advise you to choose them carefully.

Panel 3:

Medium shot. OVERDRIVE glances over at the car with its open trunk.

Panel 4:

Two-shot of OVERDRIVE and MISTER NEGATIVE. The former clasps his hands together, as if begging. The latter, rolling his eyes, turns away and dismisses him with a wave.


MISTER NEGATIVE: Wrong answer.

Panel 5:

Medium shot. OVERDRIVE is thrown into the trunk of the car, his hands and feet tied.

OVERDRIVE: No! Please!

Panel 6:

Similar framing as the INNER DEMON slams the trunk shut.


Panel 7:

Full body shot of OVERDRIVE, laying horizontally in the trunk. Through the dark, we can see a cloud of nanite sparkles beginning to dance around his fingertips. He smiles.

OVERDRIVE: Please don’t throw me into the briar patch.


Panel 1:

Large panel, extreme wide shot. BOOMERANG and SHOCKER sit side by side on a busted gravestone in the middle of a mostly barren cemetery.


Panel 2:

Reverse over-the-shoulder shot of what the two are looking at. The cemetery has been absolutely devastated, with deep gouges in the earth heading off in one direction. Farther out, it appears as if a few trees have even been knocked over.

SHOCKER: It’s not as if he didn’t leave a trail.

Panel 3:

Two-shot of the pair, still sitting on the rubble.

SHOCKER: We can follow it and —



BOOMERANG: Herman. We robbed a grave tonight.

BOOMERANG: And the corpse in that grave popped out and tried to murder us.

BOOMERANG: If that’s not a big ol’ cosmic stop sign from the universe, I don’t know what is.



Panel 1:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, turning to SHOCKER, just visible at the edge of the frame.

BOOMERANG: You should go.

BOOMERANG: I’ve had this coming a long time. But there’s no reason for you to die on my account.

BOOMERANG: Get out while you still can.

Panel 2:

Two-shot. SHOCKER rests his hand on BOOMERANG’s shoulder.

Panel 3:

…before standing up and walking away.

SHOCKER: Yeah, all right.

Panel 4:

Another extreme wide shot. Now BOOMERANG sits alone.



Panel 1:

Wide shot. Back in the city, BOOMERANG stands outside the doors of a small, nondescript building.

Panel 2:

Wide shot, interior. BOOMERANG enters the building (which, as it turns out, is the Bar With No Name). As he stands in the doorway, every one of the several dozen costumed supervillains in the bar stops dead in their tracks to give him a cold stare.

Panel 3:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG, seen from behind, sits down at the bar and holds up two fingers.

BOOMERANG: Foster’s.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): Well, well, well…

Panel 4:

We rotate 90 degrees, to a side view. Sitting a few stools down at the bar is Boomerang’s old Sinister-Six-mate, SPEED DEMON. He leans toward BOOMERANG and scowls.

SPEED DEMON: If it isn’t New York’s newest superhero.

SPEED DEMON: You know you’ve got a lot of guts showing up here after selling us all out like that, Boomerang.

Panel 5:

SPEED DEMON breaks his beer bottle on the bar. A few other villains (including VULTURE, FANCY DAN, and the ANSWER) begin to crowd around BOOMERANG, cracking their knuckles and being otherwise menacing.

SPEED DEMON: I think I speak for a lot of us when I say I’d like to see those guts.

CAPTION: Ha! See!? I knew people were gonna want to kill me over this!

CAPTION: Suck it, Shocker!

BOOMERANG: Interesting idea, Speed Demon.

Panel 6:

Extreme close-up. Boomerang’s hand reaches for his waistband.

BOOMERANG (OFF-PANEL): But how about I make you a counter-offer?

Panel 7:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG slaps a fistful of money onto the bar.

BOOMERANG: Deke, the next round’s on me!



Panel 1:

Extreme wide shot. BOOMERANG turns to address the bar, hands thrown high above his head. The VILLAINS all raise their drinks and cheer.

BOOMERANG: In fact, all drinks are on me for the rest of the night!


Panel 2:

Medium shot. BOOMERANG sits back down. DEKE, the bartender, counts the money Boomerang gave him.

DEKE: Boomerang, this is $60.

BOOMERANG: Put it on my tab.

Panel 3:

Medium shot. In a blur of motion lines, SPEED DEMON downs six shots almost simultaneously.

Panel 4:

Two-shot. A suddenly very drunk and ruddy-faced SPEED DEMON drapes himself over BOOMERANG’S shoulders.

SPEED DEMON: You know summin’, Boomerang?


SPEED DEMON: Yerr awright.

Panel 5:

Wide shot. SPEED DEMON falls to the floor as BOOMERANG sips contentedly at his bottle of beer.


CAPTION: I’ll take it.


Panel 1:

Exterior shot of the Symkarian Embassy. It’s still dark. Two GUARDS in purple-and-orange Wild Pack uniforms stand outside the main entrance.

CAPTION (GENERIC): The Symkarian Embassy. East 53rd St.

BIG WHEEL (OFF-PANEL): So how exactly do you and William know this woman?

ROCKET RACER (OFF-PANEL): Oh, she was our boss.

Panel 2:

Wide shot, interior. BIG WHEEL and ROCKET RACER are in a research lab within the building; men and women in lab coats rush around behind them. In the foreground, the pair stand conversing. Rocket Racer points coyly at Big Wheel with a smirk, perhaps even winking. A bit behind them, SILVER SABLE and SANDMAN speak in hushed tones.

ROCKET RACER: Will and I even helped her save the world a couple ‘a times!

ROCKET RACER: Well, not the world, per se.

ROCKET RACER: Remember that time the subway-cleaning robot went on a rampage under 38th Street?



Panel 3:

Overhearing their conversation, SILVER SABLE has crossed the room to rest a hand on ROCKET RACER’S shoulder. Rocket Racer blushes. In the background, a female SCIENTIST calls out to Silver.

SILVER SABLE: Don’t sell yourself short, Racer. You were a great asset to the organization. Not many people can say they fought the Avengers to a standstill.

SILVER SABLE: You’re welcome to come back to us any time.

ROCKET RACER: Oh, gosh. I, uh…

SCIENTIST: Miss Sablinova.

Panel 4:

Wide shot. The group has gathered around a research station. Monitors present data readouts, a sample of the fluid sits under a microscope, and a centrifuge sits off to one side. The SCIENTIST hands the blue vial back to SANDMAN.

SCIENTIST: This is quite the find you’ve brought us.

SILVER SABLE: And what exactly would that be?

SCIENTIST: An enzyme. Synthetic, from the looks of it.

SANDMAN: Some sorta acid?

ROCKET RACER: Does it give you super-strength?

Panel 5:

Medium shot. The SCIENTIST sits down at the computer, trying not to scoff at her boss’s over-enthusiastic guests.

SCIENTIST: No, and… no. Frankly, I’m not sure how to describe it.

SCIENTIST: It has rejuvenative properties, but there’s far more to it than that.


Panel 1:

Close-up of the monitor, on which the scientist has pulled up a digital rendering. On the screen, DNA sequences of As, Cs, Gs, and Ts are shuffled around.

SCIENTIST (OFF-PANEL): When we introduced it to a biological sample, it actually started to reconstruct the target DNA.

SCIENTIST (OFF-PANEL): The telomeres were all perfectly restored, and any errors in the main gene sequencing — even ones we introduced on purpose — were corrected.

SCIENTIST (OFF-PANEL): It’s as if it’s some sort of… genetic reset button.

Panel 2:

Wide shot of the group. BIG WHEEL can’t help but put a hand to his mouth, gaining the attention of the other four.

BIG WHEEL: My God. They really did it.


SANDMAN: And did what?

Panel 3:

Medium shot of BIG WHEEL.

BIG WHEEL: Parker Industries.

BIG WHEEL: After Spider-Man split off from the company, they put almost all their resources into researching ways to depower supervillains. It became their flagship project.

BIG WHEEL: They managed to do it with Electro, but Parker didn’t want to stop there. He was hoping to find a blanket solution. One that would work on anybody.

BIG WHEEL: They called it ‘Tabula Rasa.’

Panel 4:

Close-up of Sandman’s hand holding the vial. He notes the the label, which reads ‘TRP-164.’

SANDMAN (OFF-PANEL): ‘Tentacle Rebirth,’ my ass.

Panel 5:

Two-shot of SANDMAN and SILVER SABLE. Sandman stores the vial safely inside his sand mass. Silver Sable crosses her arms, smiling.

SANDMAN: Silver, I owe you one.

SILVER SABLE: Please, William. You owe me nothing, and you never will.

SANDMAN: In that case, how would you feel about a little pro bono work?

SILVER SABLE: Ehh… Perhaps we should just say we’re even.

SANDMAN: Fair enough.

Panel 6:

Wide shot. SANDMAN heads out of the lab, gesturing for the others to follow.

SANDMAN: Bob, do you think you can reactivate Boomerang’s ankle bracelet remotely?

ROCKET RACER: Uh… yeah. Shouldn’t be too hard. Why?


SANDMAN: I’ve got a few questions to ask him.


Panel 1:

Large panel. A medium shot of the Bar With No Name’s bartender, DEKE: a smallish man with thinning brown hair. He leans on the bar with one arm, an unamused look on his face.

CAPTION: This guy, right?


CAPTION: Running around acting like he’s too good to serve me drinks, even though I’ve been paying his salary all ******* night.

CAPTION: As far as he knows.

Panel 2:

Medium shot. A very drunk BOOMERANG sits at the bar across from DEKE, who is still in the same pose. Boomerang points accusatorially, visibly rocking back and forth on his barstool.

BOOMERANG: This is discrimination!

BOOMERANG: And I will have you know that I have a very… accredited… lawyer.

Panel 3:

Wide shot, essentially continuing to widen out from the previous two panels. We see now that all the other chairs and stools in the bar have been flipped and are resting upside down, either on the bar itself or on nearby tables. The lights in the bar have all been turned on, with a glimpse of the sunrise even peeking in through the windows.

DEKE: For the last time, Boomerang, it’s 6 AM.

DEKE: We’re closed.

BOOMERANG: A likely story.

Panel 4:

Wide shot. BOOMERANG stands sullenly (and very unsteadily) outside the bar as the door shuts and locks behind him.


CAPTION: Joke’s on him when he loses his best customer.


CAPTION: I made myself sad.


Panel 1:

Mostly blackness, with a thin oval’s worth of image occupying the middle of the frame. (Think an eye slowly opening.) In this oval, one can make out the head and shoulders of an extremely blurry figure.

Panel 2:

The oval widens, reducing the amount of black space, and the figure comes more into focus. While still a bit blurry, he can be positively identified as the ABSORBING MAN.

Panel 3:

Wide shot, and a wide panel as well, showing all the characters in profile. It’s still very early morning. BOOMERANG is lying in an alley behind the Bar With No Name, nestled among a group of trash bags. A trash can behind his head props it up enough for him to see and communicate with the ABSORBING MAN, who stands over him.



Standing behind Absorbing Man is the robot body of ARNIM ZOLA, its viewscreen sporting the visage of WILSON FISK.

BOOMERANG: Hail Hydra.


Panel 1:

ABSORBING MAN grabs BOOMERANG by the arms, lifts him, and slams him against the wall. Over Absorbing Man’s shoulder, the KINGPIN questions his former hire.


BOOMERANG: Jeepers, mister, you’re really strong.

KINGPIN: Your week is up, Mr. Myers.

KINGPIN: Do you have the items you promised me?

Panel 2:

Close-up of BOOMERANG, smiling.

BOOMERANG: Oh, yeah.

BOOMERANG: Funny story about that…


Panel 3:

Close-up of KINGPIN, on the screen.


KINGPIN: Your reputation is… suspect… to say the least, Frederick. But I had sincerely hoped that your ubiquity among this city’s criminals was in some way deserved. It’s important to me that you know that.

KINGPIN: Now, however, I cannot help but wonder if your longevity in this business has been solely attributable to luck.

KINGPIN: If so, I’m afraid that luck runs out today.

Panel 4:

Close-up of a confused BOOMERANG.

BOOMERANG: You’ll have to forgive me, I’m… very drunk.

Panel 5:

Two-shot of BOOMERANG and ABSORBING MAN — who is still holding him against the wall — in profile.

ABSORBING MAN: He means no one’s comin’ to save you this time.


CAPTION: Coulda just said that.


Panel 1:

Close-up of BOOMERANG. His eyes are covered by his mask, but the look of surprise on his face is unmistakeable.

SOUND EFFECT: *Beep beep!* *Beep beep!*

Panel 2:

Extreme close-up of Boomerang’s ankle bracelet. The small indicator light on it has begun blinking again.


SOUND EFFECT: *Beep beep!* *Beep beep!*

CAPTION: Not even two seconds later.

CAPTION: I swear, you can’t write this ****.

Panel 3:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, with Absorbing Man’s hands still visible around his shoulders.

BOOMERANG: Y’know, he’s not wrong.

BOOMERANG: As far as the big picture goes, I’m a lot better at making enemies than friends.

BOOMERANG: Which, as I’ve learned recently, is kind of an issue.

Panel 4:

Side view of ABSORBING MAN holding BOOMERANG up against the wall.

BOOMERANG: Every time you run into someone, it’s always “What did I do to them again?”

BOOMERANG: Gets old.

ABSORBING MAN: Sounds like that problem is pretty firmly rooted in your own behavior.

BOOMERANG: Again, not wrong.

Panel 5:

Back to the medium shot. BOOMERANG hangs his head dejectedly.

BOOMERANG: Only one person ever bothered looking for the good in me.

BOOMERANG: And after these last few days I think even he’s given up on finding it.

Panel 6:

Close-up. BOOMERANG raises his head to stare down Absorbing Man and Kingpin.

BOOMERANG: But that’s the real irony here.

BOOMERANG: Because even after all that…

BOOMERANG: He still manages to show up exactly when I need him.

Panel 7:

Reverse shot. ABSORBING MAN and KINGPIN look blankly at BOOMERANG.

Panel 8:

Same framing. ABSORBING MAN turns to KINGPIN as if seeking an explanation.

Panel 9:

Same framing. ABSORBING MAN turns back to BOOMERANG.


CAPTION: Yeah, that was a gamble.

CAPTION: But man, if I had gotten the timing right…

PAGES 14-15

Two-Page Spread!

MACH-VII hurtles into the frame from above, smashing KINGPIN’S Zola-Bot into the ground. A startled ABSORBING MAN begins to turn, loosening his grip on BOOMERANG, who activates his rocket boots, sending him up and out of the large man’s grasp.


BOOMERANG: Thank you!!

SOUND EFFECT: *Foooooom!*

CAPTION: It would have been so ****ing cool.


Panel 1:

MACH-VII stands up into frame, calling up at BOOMERANG, who has taken shelter on the roof of the bar. Boomerang cups one hand around his mouth and points off-panel with the other.

MACH-VII: Fred, what the hell is this!?



Panel 2:

Same angle. Absorbing Man’s WRECKING BALL flies into frame and hits MACH-VII dead in the chest, launching him backwards and out the other side of the frame. BOOMERANG winces.


MACH-VII: Uuurf!


Panel 3:

Medium shot. MACH-VII grips the wrecking ball that collided with him as he continues to be pushed backward.

Panel 4:

Close-up of Mach-VII’s feet scraping along the ground, trying to find some traction.

Panel 5:

Wide shot. MACH-VII, having come to a stop, throws the wrecking ball back at ABSORBING MAN.

Panel 6:

Medium shot of ABSORBING MAN in profile. Having quickly turned his body to elastic, he absorbs the blow. The wrecking ball sinks into his chest, stretching his spine to a convex shape.

Panel 7:

Same framing. The equal and opposite reaction. ABSORBING MAN’S body ejects the wrecking ball with tremendous force — his chest bulges, and now his spine is completely concave.


Panel 8:

Wide panel. MACH-VII sidesteps the wrecking ball heading back in his direction. As it flies past, ABSORBING MAN’S arm, still bound to the chain, begins to stretch to several feet in length.

SOUND EFFECT: *Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch*


Panel 1:

Close-up. MACH-VII glances down at the ground.

Panel 2:

Extreme close up of a brick laying at his feet.

Panel 3:

MACH-VII hurls the brick at ABSORBING MAN’S head.

Panel 4:

Close-up. ABSORBING MAN effortlessly catches the brick with his free hand. He chuckles as his body begins to turn brick-red.


Panel 5:

Same framing. ABSORBING MAN’S eyes widen.

Panel 6:

Reverse shot of what Absorbing Man sees; namely, the WRECKING BALL, now hurtling back towards him yet again as his arm recoils.

Panel 7:

Wide shot. The wrecking ball connects with ABSORBING MAN’S mostly-brick body. It doesn’t shatter him, but we see that more than a few pieces are sent flying. Absorbing Man goes down hard.



Panel 1:

Wide shot. Atop the roof of the bar, BOOMERANG raises his arms and cheers.


Panel 2:

Same framing. BOOMERANG hops off the roof and activates his rocket boots on the way down. He pinwheels his arms trying to stay upright.

SOUND EFFECT: *Fsssssshh*

Panel 3:

Same framing. BOOMERANG flops forward and faceplants on the ground, his feet still suspended a few inches in the air.


Panel 4:

Low-angle shot of MACH-VII from Boomerang’s POV. He has removed his helmet and is holding it under one arm.

MACH-VII: I ask again, Fred.

MACH-VII: What in God’s name is going on?

Panel 5:

Medium shot of MACH-VII, looking over his shoulder.

KINGPIN (OFF-PANEL): M-m-m-mr. Myers-s-s- ?

Panel 6:

Close-up of the ZOLA-BOT lying on the ground, the staticky, flickering image of KINGPIN still visible, albeit rotated 90 degrees.

KINGPIN: This-s is n-n-not -ver, Mr. My–s. Mark my wor-r—

Panel 7:

Same framing. The screen turns black.


Panel 8:

Wide shot. MACH-VII reaches down to help BOOMERANG up.

BOOMERANG: Would you believe me if I said it was an intervention?


Panel 1:

Close-up of MACH-VII, angrily pinching his nose.


MACH-VII: Tell me you did not make a promise to Wilson Fisk.

Panel 2:

Close-up. BOOMERANG smiles sheepishly.


BOOMERANG: When do I ever truly promise anyone anything?

Panel 3:

Wide shot. MACH-VII angrily paces back and forth with his back to BOOMERANG.

MACH-VII: You did, didn’t you?

MACH-VII: You made him a promise you couldn’t keep.

MACH-VII: And you kept it secret for so long that now it’s too late to ask for help.

MACH-VII: Because even if you did tell the truth at this point, everyone will just think you’re throwing them under the bus.

BOOMERANG: Was that seriously a guess?

Panel 4:

Close-up of MACH-VII, looking off into the distance.

MACH-VII: *Sigh*

Panel 5:

Same close-up of MACH-VII, turning back Boomerang.

MACH-VII: What do you need me to do?

Panel 6:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, trying to make sense of what Mach-VII just said.

BOOMERANG: I’m sorry, you’ll have to forgive me. I’m… very drunk.


Panel 1:

Wide shot of Boomerang’s apartment building, still early morning. MACH-VII flies towards it, carrying BOOMERANG in his arms. Parked in front of the building is a bizarre vehicle that vaguely resembles the back half of a pickup truck, or a wagon bed mounted atop a Segway, if Segways had massive monster truck wheels.

BOOMERANG: You know I have my own rocket boots.

MACH-VII: Trust me, you don’t want to drink and fly.


Panel 2:

Wide shot of Boomerang’s apartment. BOOMERANG makes his way into the main room from the window while MACH-VII tries in vain to follow him through. His wings are much too big to fit through the window frame easily, or perhaps at all.

MACH-VII: All right, Fred. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.


BOOMERANG: I really don’t. You pretty much have it figured out.

Panel 3:

Reverse shot. The door of the apartment flies open as SANDMAN, ROCKET RACER, and BIG WHEEL storm in.



CAPTION: Ah, jeez. Deja vu, am I right?

Panel 4:

Medium shot. Sandman’s SAND ARM juts into frame and grabs BOOMERANG by the neck. Boomerang gestures with his thumb at MACH-VII, who makes another failed attempt to get through the window.


CAPTION: I say again…

SANDMAN (OFF-PANEL): You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

BOOMERANG: Yeah, yeah, can’t you see there’s a line?


Panel 5: 

Wide shot, with everyone visible. SANDMAN still holds BOOMERANG by the throat, and MACH-VII leans in the window as far as he can.

SANDMAN: We know about the serum.

BOOMERANG: No kidding? That’s great, because I actually have no clue what it does.

MACH-VII: What serum? Is that what Kingpin wanted?

SANDMAN: Kingpin?

BOOMERANG: Yes, Flint, it’s all a rich tapestry.

Panel 6:

Wide shot. A noise comes from Boomerang’s closet, drawing everyone’s attention. SANDMAN drops BOOMERANG roughly to the ground.




Panel 1:

Wide shot. Everyone prepares themselves to face whatever might be behind the door. SANDMAN assumes a fighting stance. BOOMERANG draws a boomerang. ROCKET RACER and MACH-VII (from the window) point their respective wrist cannons towards the doorway. BIG WHEEL takes a step backwards.


Panel 2:

Wide shot of the whole room. The door bursts open and OVERDRIVE stumbles out, immediately putting his hands up at the sight of so many weapons. All parties on both sides recoil slightly.


Panel 3:

Medium shot of BOOMERANG, SANDMAN, ROCKET RACER, and BIG WHEEL. Boomerang glances over his shoulder at the others.

Panel 4:

Same framing. BOOMERANG crosses his arms, while behind him SANDMAN rolls his eyes.

BOOMERANG: All right, Overdrive. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Panel 5:

Two-shot of OVERDRIVE and BOOMERANG, Overdrive holds his hands out in a panic.

OVERDRIVE: Fred! Where’s Brainy? Is he here?


OVERDRIVE: Man, we made a huge mistake.

Panel 6:

Wide shot. OVERDRIVE puts his hands on BOOMERANG’S shoulders. Off to one side, SANDMAN shouts at them in frustration. In the background, MACH-VII seems to fall away from the window.

OVERDRIVE: I think Ock’s been inside Brainy the whole time.

BOOMERANG: What? He can’t —


SANDMAN: Oh, this is just pathetic. The jig is up, Fred! We all know Ock has nothing to do with this.


Panel 1:

Close-up. SANDMAN turns around in dismay.

VOICE (OFF-PANEL): Whirr–click-ick– Oh, come now, Sandman…

Panel 2:

Close-up. Mach-VII’s place outside the window has been taken by the LIVING BRAIN — or should we say: DOC OCK! — gripping the fire escape and the walls of the building with its newly acquired tentacles.

DOC OCK: I wouldn’t say nothing.