Sports Corner – March 13, 2019

The news of Tom Seaver’s dementia and retirement from public life was a gut punch to me and countless Mets fans.  But as the tributes piled up, Mets radio voice Howie Rose reminded us that Tom is still with us and that such tributes, taking on the tone of eulogies, are premature.  So with that in mind, I want to wish Tom and his family all the best, and hope there are still good days left for them as Tom works in the sunshine in his vineyard, radio playing the songs of his youth or maybe a Mets game.


  • Trade and free agent season in the NFL is off and running, and Antonio Brown is on his way to..Oakland?  Santa Clara?  Oxnard?  Well, somewhere that isn’t Pittsburgh and isn’t Vegas yet.
  • The Giants trade OBJ.  Are the Browns…good?  The Giants sure aren’t.
  • Does it mean anything when the Warriors lose to the Suns?
  • Brandon Ingram out for the rest of the season with a blood clot.  Will the Lakers’ rising star face the sort of issues that Chris Bosh did?
  • Conor MacGregor arrested, again.
  • NCAA CBB Championship Week
  • And the USWNT sues USSF for equal pay.  I think they should seriously consider skipping the World Cup, but I know that isn’t how athletes do things.  (Also, I think they have earned MORE money than the USMNT at this point.

As ever, all sports topics welcome.