Scott OT #173: The Night Thread Is Down in It (3/13)

In 1989, a farmer in Michigan by the name of Robert Reed noticed a mysterious sight on his property; a cluster of weather balloons tied to a Super 8 camera. He turned the camera over to the police and they were shocked by what they saw: a dead man with some gunk on his face with two black-clad men standing over him. They thought it was cult-related (this happened around the time of the Satanic Panic) and started investigating. They deduced it happened in Chicago and contacted the authorities there. They were able to determine where it was shot but was mystified as there weren’t any unsolved homicides matching what they saw in the video. They contacted the FBI, who similarly had no leads as to who was in the video. Without any other ideas, Chicago authorities distributed flyers in Chicago schools to see if that would help. To their shock, it cracked the case right open, just not in a way they expected. In 1991, they received a tip as to who the person in the video was… Trent Reznor.

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It turns out that the “snuff film” was actually lost footage from the video for the Nine Inch Nails song Down in It. Being too poor to afford a crane to shoot their zoom out, they just tied a camera to some weather balloons. However, thanks to shooting in the Windy City, the balloons blew away all the way to Michigan. The tipster was watching the video and was reminded of the flyer.

Reznor was befuddled by this, saying: “Somebody at the FBI had been watching too much Hitchcock or David Lynch or something.”

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