“The Legend of Old Ulysses” American Dad! S15 E17

American Dad! is on a roll.  This season has been almost as great as the golden age of seasons 4 through 8.  And it’s great seeing Tuttle (Richard Kind) in a more prominent role.  (Oh yeah, and holy shit the art is gorgeous when they do nature scenes.)

A-plot: It’s great seeing Steve and Stan with such a great father/son relationship.  Too often in sitcoms the father and son are at odds on basically everything, but here we have them continuing a tradition of cooperating and winning together.  Yeah, it verges on creepy sometimes, but the beauty of this show is that they know when to toe the line without crossing it.

B-plots: Roger as the biking instructor was delightful.  Francine and Hayley’s thing was somewhat entertaining, though unessential.

Best parts: The “Old Ulysses” intro; Klaus and Tuttle flailing in agony in Old Ulysses’ belly; Halliburton turning people into birds.

Episode grade: A-