Cleaning Thread

Weekly Cleaning Thread #5: Including the Kitchen Sink

If you’re like me, you spend your weekends catching up on a lot of housework you didn’t do during the week. So, here is a place is a place to commiserate, ask for advice, or maybe brag about how clean you are. Talk about whatever you want!

This week: Kitchens (including the sink)!

My personal issues with my kitchen include:

Cast iron stove grates: I read something that said dish soap was the best way to clean these, so I took them off and stuck them in my sink and scrubbed them and they still feel sticky in parts. Some of them you can stick in your oven on the self-clean cycle, but not these because they have rubber pads.

Stainless steel sink: I clean this and then it looks dirty five minutes later. Sigh. Same with stainless steel appliances. I know they’re the in thing right now, but ick.

Microwave: This isn’t hard to clean, but I hate it. It gets so gross inside.


What do you love or hate to clean in your kitchen?