So You Think You Can Think Puzzle 19: Letterboxes

Hello folks, and welcome to another puzzly puzzle! This week, we’ve got something a little special, and a little copyright-infringey. Below, you can see ten little grids of letters, each 3-by-3. Well, you should see them as little mini Boggle boards, with just enough room to hold one person’s name in them. Your job is to discover the correct solution in each grid, moving from letter to letter to build your solution one letter at a time. Start on any letter you like in the grid, and move between letters vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, only one letter at a time. You can double back through letters you’ve already used, reusing them as often as you like. However, you cannot “stand” on a letter to add it twice in a row. Basic Boggle rules here apply.

But what is it you’re looking for? Well, each grid holds the name of a famous personAll ten names fall into a specific pop-culture category, and you’ll likely be familiar with all of them. Each person’s name is spelled out, first and last name, in one grid. And grid #10 has something a little special to it as well, still fitting into the overall category, just being a little more….complete.

What’s the category? What are the names you’re trying to find? Oh, you’ll have to discover that along the way yourself, braveocados!


1.          2.          3.
G O I       N K C       R H S
S R K       D A F       O A P
W A U       E P R       N J E

4.          5.          6.
T I M       C N Y       E I T
J A R       R V A       D R S
S O R       E D U       N A B

7.          8.          9.
L F N       A O H       I B E
A O S       N S W       N R A
R U C       D E R       G M N

            J T H
            O E A
            L C N


Last puzzle’s solutions:


1) Galaxy Queso
2) Yonder Woman
3) Single All the Way
4) Revenue of the Nerds
5) The Best Erotic Marigold Hotel
6) Gone with the Mind
7) The Last Pedi
8) The Taming of the Shrek
9) Octohussy
10) The Breakfast Clue
11) Super Rich Avians
12) That Touch of Oink