Sports Corner – February 27, 2019

For want of better stitching, the shoe was lost.  And for want of a shoe, Zion Williamson was hurt.  Thankfully not too seriously, but now debate rages about whether he should keep playing and risk his huge payday as the first pick and the potential of what could be a stellar career.  Even as the NBA and the players start to negotiate in earnest the end of the one-and-done players like Zion.  And meanwhile, Nike stock is down.  All for want of a better shoe.


  • Will Harper be a Giant, a Phillie, or a Dodger?
  • NHL trading deadline is gone, as Mats Zuccarello leaves the Rangers, and gets hurt his first game in Dallas.
  • The Knicks end their losing streak at the Garden, ruining Spike Lee’s otherwise triumphant night.
  • Leicester City fires its manager, and Man City wins a weird Carabao Cup final.

As always, all sports are welcome.  I will note, though, that while strictly speaking the Robert Kraft story does involve sports since he owns the Patriots, I feel like it’s not a sports story since the real story is about human trafficking. If you do want to talk about it, keep that in mind even as you ponder such trivialities as who will run the Pats in the fall.