Movie Review- Fighting With My Family

Fighting with My Family

Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn, Nick Frost, and Florence Pugh

The film opens on brother and sister Zac and Saraya fighting over the remote control and what they want to watch on T.V. Zac wants to watch WWE wrestling and Saraya wants to watch Charmed. Their parents intervene but instead of telling them to knock it off, they show them how to get a better grasp on a sleeper hold and the way to reverse out of it.

Fast forward years later and Zac and Saraya are tagging against their mom and dad at the latest WAW event. On the way home, the family calls WWE Headquarters to see if they reviewed the children’s audition tape but the operator ends up hanging up on them. A few days later, as the Knights and Zac’s girlfriend’s family are having dinner together for the first time, they are interrupted by a phone call from Mr. Morgan (Vaughn), a coach from the WWE. Smackdown is headed to the 02 Arena and Zac and Saraya are invited to tryouts. As the siblings make their way backstage to find Mr. Morgan, they run into The Rock and are instantly starstruck. Zac keeps asking The Rock question after question as Saraya sits back in stunned silence. The Rock gives them both advice before their tryout.

After Mr. Morgan evaluates the invitees, he tells them he will call forward those that will get a shot at training at the WWE Performance Center in Florida, while those not named must head home. The only name called is Saraya’s. Zac is dejected as Saraya chases down Mr. Morgan. She wants him to include Zac in the trip to Florida or she will not come at all. Mr. Morgan refuses and Saraya can either make the most of her opportunity or stay at home. After Zac tells her not to miss out on a chance to become a WWE Superstar, Saraya agrees to go it alone. Soon, Saraya leaves for America and begins her journey in NXT. Saraya, who went by Brittani in WAW, must go by a new moniker as there is already a Brittany on the main roster. She decides to use the name Paige, an homage to her favorite T.V. Show Charmed. Will Paige be able to make it through the intense training to make it to the main roster of the WWE or will she flounder, wash out, and be forced to head back home to Norwich? We already know the answer to this question but its interesting to see how Paige makes her long held dream come true.

Over the course of the film, we see the growing rift between Zac and Paige and how it affects both them and their family. This conflict ends up starting to affect Paige’s training. During the Christmas holiday, Paige returns home to Norwich and this visit will ultimately decide the future of her family and her aspirations as a pro wrestler.

This is a family film with a lot of heart, emotion, and coarse language, so be warned! Nick Frost is hilarious as the tough as nails patriarch of the family. Lena Headey is barely recognizable with her dyed hair, pierced lip, and tattoos. She does a better job of trying to hold the family together here than as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. Keep your eyes peeled for a few cameos from current WWE Superstars. Also, be sure to stay during the credits for some video footage of the real Knight family.

This movie is perfect for fans of pro-wrestling (like me) and for those that like underdog, winning against all odds, inspirational films. Take that steel chair and put it down, sit back, relax and enjoy the high flying and dysfunctional family feature film Fighting with my Family.