Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Feb. 22

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Feb. 22 – Here are the competitors by round for match 1, game 2 of the Jeopardy All-Stars, with the carryover scores at $49,800 for Team Brad, $26,200 for Team Buzzy and $0 for Team Colby.

– SJ: Jennifer (Team Buzzy), Alan (Team Colby), David (Team Brad).
– DJ: Alex (Team Buzzy) Pam (Team Colby), Brad.
– FJ: Buzzy, Colby, Larissa (Team Brad).

After the first round was essentially a standoff, Alex dominated DJ, building up enough of an advantage that with a huge bet and correct response on FJ, Team Buzzy could win the game. The game 2 scores going into FJ were $16,800 for Team Buzzy, $11,000 for Team Colby and $4,200 for Team Brad.

DD1, $800 – STATE FACTS – In 1999, in a nod to this facility named for a President, Brevard County, Florida added 321 as an area code (Jennifer won $1,400 on a true DD.)

DD2, $1,600 – THE ARCTIC – Going from Norway to Alaska, this Scandinavian completed the first trip through the Northwest Passage in 1906 (Alex lost $100 when he came up with the correct response just after time ran out.)

DD3, $1,600 – PHYSIOLOGY – The dura matter is the outermost of these layers of protective membranes that surround the brain & spinal cord (Alex won $100)

FJ – WOMEN IN U.S. HISTORY – In 1901 this activist was jailed for inspiring the assassination of William McKinley, but the charge was later dropped

Larissa and Colby were correct on FJ. Larissa doubled to $8,400 for a winning two-game score of $58,200 for Team Brad. Buzzy lost everything, but the carryover score of $26,200 gives his team a wild card over Team Colby, which improved by $10,800 to a two-game total of $21,800.

TV troubles: The first round players missed four clues in “TV By The Numbers”, most humorously when David thought Hawaii Five-O is an Agnes Nixon soap opera.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is Cape Kennedy?
DD2 – Who was Roald Amundsen?
DD3 – What is meninges?
FJ – Who was Emma Goldman?