Sports Corner – February 20, 2019

At long last, Manny Machado has a new home, and it’s San Diego.  I wonder if somewhere in my mind, he’s thinking that there is, rather oddly for America’s eighth largest city, just one major league team in San Diego.  And how he could be a very big star and could be even bigger if the Padres win the Series.  Or, of course, he’s just thinking about the money and how nice the weather will be.  Either way, a team that supposedly has the best farm system around has a star to build around.  Next up, I assume, Harper to…the Phils?


  • All Star Weekend is over, and KD steals the spotlight, for a moment.
  • Pitch clock to be used in spring training.
  • RIP Dodgers great Don Newcombe at age 92.
  • Who gets traded first, Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham?
  • 0-0 scores for everyone in Champions League!

As ever, all sports talk is welcome.