Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Feb. 20

Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Feb. 20 – Introducing the teams for the first match of the Jeopardy! All-Star Games:

– Larissa, David and team captain Brad, who wants to go to Australia with his share of the million dollar top tournament prize;
– Pam, Alan and team captain Colby, who bought his mom a place to retire, rent-free; and
– Team captain Buzzy, Jennifer and Alex, who gets emotional about his success on the show.

We were halfway through the show before we got to see any gameplay, following Alex’s explanation of the tournament structure, a chat with the six team captains, a video package showing the drafting of the teams, and a peek at the teams for the first game discussing who will play in which rounds.

The teams led by Ken, Julia and Austin were sequestered as round one began with Alex, Colby and Brad leading off for their teams. Alex was in front at the break with Brad taking first place on the DD late in the round.

DD1, $400 – NOTORIOUS – Notorious weapons dealer Adnan Khashoggi was a key figure in this 1986 scandal that saw 1,500 missiles head to Tehran (Brad won $3,200 on a true DD.)

Round one ended with Brad in front at $8,400 vs. $6,600 for Alex and $3,200 for Colby. The game will conclude tomorrow with Buzzy, Larissa and Alan in DJ and Jennifer, David and Pam in FJ.

Triple Stumper of the day: The champs got tripped up twice in Triple Rhyme Time, including one about exploring Hellenic mountains for a full 7 days, a Greek peak week.

This day in Colbyville: After a clue about Chewbacca, Colby treated us to some of the Star Wars favorite’s familiar sound effects.

Correct Q:
DD1 – What is Iran-Contra?