It Can Be Two Things: Book Update

I have sent out several interview requests to staffers and gotten a hold of the results of my survey (if you haven’t done it yet you still can, the link is below)

Survey Link

and while I have started tentatively sending emails and setting up conversations, I have decided to take a chapter by chapter sort of approach in gathering intel. My plan is to head towards the politics thread and our site’s relationship to The Discourse next.  So if you wrote about the politics section in your survey, keep an eye out.

I also have a very rough and shaky table of contents mapped out but as it’s just chapter titles and a sad number of pages at the moment I will be waiting for the page count to get a little more presentable before sharing. Rest assured, it is already extremely niche, filled with site memes, but meaningful in a weird little way.

So what HAVE I been doing in the meantime, since that doesn’t sound like much? (Aside from real life, obviously) Well, I wrote the chapter about Werewolf. It’s a very rough draft since the tone of the project isn’t quite set yet, but I wanted to start getting words down and at least the form of the book out there. Plus, I just really love werewolf. I went back and forth whether to just post the thing here in its full copy/pasted glory, but my updates are already so long it’s gonna end up like a Dickens novel. I thought linking to it gave it a very homework vibe and also like, the audacity of making someone read something more than two pages after a year away from workshop classes is stirring my Catholic guilt. So, a compromise: I am going to post the link for those of who you like reading things that are a lot, but for those looking for a quick update I present: a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 12.18.03 PM

if this seems like your jam, and you’d like to read the whole chapter, the link is below. So many links! (It’s because I have a google drive addiction, honestly)



I shall return in about two weeks (maybe three, I have an intern project I need to start and finish at some point) with one, if not more, new chapters and perchanceth a table of contents or a full outline. Who knows!?!? Not me!