Werewolf LXXXIV – Anarchy! (DAY FIVE)

Who could tell the lovers it had all been a fabrication? Who could append a question-mark to their suffering?

She turned to the woman. Holding her close, she whispered, “any day now.”

The woman shrank wearily from her embrace. “You don’t have to keep doing that.”

“Any day now, my love,” she pressed. “We’ll find the exit. We’ll make our escape.”

“There’s no escaping this place…”

“Surely, there is. We went to bed in comfort. Woke up to news that the town had gone primitive; news of the Visitation, the dwellers…  It’s a simulation for Hell, my love. We’re being observed… experimented on against our knowledge.”

“There’s no hidden exit from this place. No one has seen a wall or a gate; not even a portal to another dimension.”

“That’s because they’re all part of the simulation.” She brooked a questioning glare from the woman. “Yes! The poisoners, the physicians, the egoists, that misbegotten spectre, even the—” She leaned in, whispered into the woman’s ear. “—even the Speculator.

The woman jumped at the mere mention. Goosebumps coursed through her frayed skin. “Don’t… do that!

“Any day now,” she cooed after a spell, then put the matter to rest. Truly, she no longer knew which was the simulation and which was not. On their sleeping mat, inside the crawlspace of a ruinous chapel, they braced for another day under quarantine. They hugged each other tight. Hugged their flamethrowers tighter. Through the gash in the floorboards and the chapel’s roof, they watched the sunrise.


This is Werewolf LXXXIV – Anarchy

***No one died!***

  • At anytime during the game, each of your Communes will have a maximum of 2 Archists hiding among you
  • Each day, the objective of the game for Anarchists (Town) is to rid the town of Archists (Wolves) by voting for whoever they suspect BUT…
  • Only the 8 players each day, referred to as Delegates, who you selected from your Communes the previous night will have their votes counted
  • The objective each day for Archists is to rid the town of Anarchists by steering votes, directly or indirectly toward Anarchists
  • During each day phase, each commune gets one shot at a Recall Vote if they suddenly feel they don’t trust any of the Delegates selected to vote. A Recall Vote needs a majority vote in the Commune QT beforehand
  • There’s been some realignments. Please, check your QTs before doing anything else.
  • All actions past Day 4 will now be night actions: happening and being reconciled the same night.
  • The Archists have been replaced by Egoists. (Some from the previous roster of wolves, some drafted from the town)
  • I’ll allow some time for past Poisoners to decide, with this new revelation, if they want to take back their actions from the previous night.


16 15 12 8 Anarchists (Town)
8 7 6 4 5 Egoists (Wolves)
1 Poisoner (SK)


4 3 1 Poisoner (SK, self-aligned)
4 1 Physician (Doctor, town-aligned)
1 Egoist Jailer (wolf-aligned)



  • By the end of each night, they select a poisoning target from ANY COMMUNE
  • That target, barring being healed by a Physician, will die from the Poisoning that same night
  • It the target happens to be a Delegate, their vote will be VOIDED
  • If Poisoner is successfully CORRUPTED by the Archists at night, the Poisoner joins the Archist alignment by the end of the following day and adopts their win condition for the game’s remainder; one Archist within their Commune is revealed to them. <—– THIS IS A RULE CHANGE FROM WHAT’S IN YOUR QTs


  • One in each Commune
  • By the end of each night, they select a player to heal from ANY of the four Communes
  • That player, if targeted by a Poisoner, will be spared
  • If the player was targeted for CORRUPTION the previous night by the Archists, they will be spared
  • If the player happens to be a Delegate, their vote will NOT be VOIDED
  • If Physician is successfully CORRUPTED by the Archists at night, they become a JAILER for one day the following day; this happens without their knowledge
  • If a player targeted for healing by the CORRUPTED Physician (JAILER) is one of the day’s Delegates, their vote will be VOIDED; if the player targeted for healing isn’t one of the day’s Delegates, they are banned from the COMMUNE QT the following night

Egoist Jailer

  • Jails a player each night for the Egoists

Archists Egoists

  • A maximum of two in each Commune
  • Have a shared QT with each other
  • Each night, they decide in their shared QT who to RECRUIT. Recruitment targets have choice during the following day to accept recruitment or turn it down and die.


  • If your Commune reaches the LYLO (lynch-or-lose) equivalent for selecting Delegates, you become CORRUPTED and you Commune is lost to the Archists. Your alignment shifts, you adopt the Archist win condition but you remain in the game. <—– THIS IS A RULE CHANGE FROM WHAT’S IN YOUR QTs
  • Each night lasts 12 hours
  • Each day lasts 18 hours
  • Vanilla town message: “[Vanilla Message here…]”
  • Attack arguments, not people
  • Respect everyone’s playstyle
  • No editing! Editing in your Commune QT is allowed however, even encouraged
  • This setup is already showing its cracks so um…. expect lots of rule-changes, maybe even a game-ending loophole I carelessly overlooked. Till then, enjoy!
  • Day 5 ends 7PM CT Friday



The A Hole
Team Banana Stand
The Fighting Mongooses
Daisy Dodos


  1. Spiny
  3. good king snugglewumps
  4. hoho possum – DEAD DAY THREE / ARCHIST
  5. Sister Jude – DEAD DAY FOUR / ANARCHIST
  6. Zecko
  8. Grumproro – DEAD DAY FOUR / ANARCHIST
  10. Louie Blue
  11. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa – DEAD DAY TWO / ANARCHIST
  12. Notevenanerd
  13. creeper – DEAD DAY ONE / POISONER
  14. forget_it_jake – DEAD DAY ONE / ARCHIST
  15. Josephus Brown
  16. Lamb Dance
  17. MacCrocodile
  18. Otakunomike
  19. Captain Video
  20. Mayelbridwen
  21. Owen1120
  22. sic humor – DEAD DAY TWO / ARCHIST
  23. The Hayes Code
  24. The Shutin – DEAD DAY FOUR / POISONER


  1. Doctor Nick