The Craftocado: Crafting in Pop Culture

As always… Whatcha makin‘?

Alright, let’s get our pop culture nerd on today. We are The Avocado, after all. Where have you seen crafting in pop culture? The header image is Stars Hollow’s knitathon in season seven of Gilmore Girls, a fundraiser to once again save the town’s bridge, and characters are shown knitting in the episode. I have no idea if Lauren Graham knits, but in the episode Lorelai looks like she just learned how to knit five minutes ago.


Lorelai is also an avid sewer who frequently makes costumes for town events and Rory’s school projects, dresses for herself and Rory to wear, or does alterations for people, like Lane’s wedding dress.

Set pieces and costume pieces can become iconic symbols for either a character, or a show as a whole. Examples…

The fourth doctor’s scarf:


Jayne’s hat:


The Conner’s granny square afghan:


Wow, lots of knitting and crocheting. Let’s see, something different… a chainmail supplier I frequently buy from is occasionally commissioned to make costume pieces for Hollywood. For example, they provided mesh armor for Brienne’s costume on Game of Thrones. They’ve also done costume pieces for the Warcraft movie, the Hobbit movies, and sold supplies to costume designers who made their own pieces.

Brienne’s costume, with the chainmail mesh on the sleeve and skirt: