Comic Book Review – Iceman #4

Recap – “Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman, has a lot going on. From teaching young mutants at the Xavier Institute to getting into the world of dating after years in the closet, Bobby is doing his best to have it all… but it’s never easy! Teaming up with his friends Firestar and Spider-Man, Iceman defeated a giant mutant fighting monster who was revealed to be the Morlock Ash transformed by Minster Sinister! Sinister’s obsession with Iceman’s newfound control of his abilities has driven him to experimenting on Morlocks in an attempt to draw Bobby out… but before he takes the fight to Sinister, Bobby confronts Ash’s sibling Madin with the news of his situation…”

Iceman #4

Written by Sina Grace

Art by Nathan Stockman

Iceman is willing to do what it takes to save Ash, even going as far as breaking him out of jail. Madin does not agree with Bobby because he’s missing the bigger picture. Six more Morlocks have been kidnapped. Madin suggest Bobby go after Mister Sinister and if he really wishes to help Ash out of his predicament, find a legal solution to the problem.

Three days later, Kitty Pryde and Storm are prepping for their keynote speech at the Mutant Pride parade. Forge helps Bobby locate Mister Sinister. Bishop wants to assist Bobby with his mission, but Bobby declines the offer. Bobby wants to stop the evil mutant mastermind on his own.

Later that night, Bobby uses the parade as a distraction to surprise Mister Sinister on his own turf. Bobby meets resistance from monsters who keep crying out to help them. Mister Sinister has turned the kidnapped Morlocks into his henchmen. Bobby is able to get past them and makes it to Mister Sinister’s lab. Bobby is grabbed by the monstrous henchmen and placed in a stasis tube.

Mister Sinister believes Bobby’s powers defy the known sciences and wants to understand how his body works. Sinister wants to find out how Bobby creates ice, duplicates himself and controls the duplicates with his mind. Sinister activates the stasis tube to begin his experimentation. As the machine whirls to life, Bobby’s ice form begins to crumble. Mister Sinister wasn’t expecting that to happen!

My favorite sequence in this issue is the dual storytelling of Storm and Kitty’s speech to the public at the parade and Bobby’s assault to find Mister Sinister. Kitty wants to help mutants live the life they want to lead. She believes mutants and humans working together can accomplish more for the world than fighting. The next panel is Bobby fighting the henchmen in Sinister’s hideout. This dichotomy of war and peace has always been at the forefront of the X-men since the very beginning. Xavier’s dream of coexistence vs Magneto’s war against humanity to save mutantkind. The battle is starting to bleed into the next generation. Bobby’s only recourse is to fight Sinister in an effort to save the Morlocks and himself. It may have cost him his life. A noble and selfless act to save those that he wanted to protect.

Up Next – Iceman vs. Mr. Sinister, winner takes all! Mr. Sinister finally has Iceman where he wants him. But Iceman isn’t out for the count yet, as everything Bobby has learned has led up to this moment!