The Effie Trinket Night Thread (2/10)

Happy birthday to the fabulously coiffed and fashionable Effie Trinket, or as we mortals know her… Elizabeth Banks.  Banks basically stole the show for me in the Hunger Games movies, to the point that I really didn’t care what happened to Katniss Everdeen. Instead, I was wondering, “What’s going to happen to Effie?”

Banks played her as a flighty character with misplaced pride in a destructive tradition, but was at the same time keeping all her inner turmoil in reserve.  The scene where she breaks down emotionally in Catching Fire, confiding in Katniss that she didn’t want her being in the Games after she had so proudly groomed her for a life of luxury in the previous tournament and seeing all that denied, is the highlight for the entire series.

Even in the first movie, where she displays no sympathetic traits, you can’t help but be charmed by her.  This is why Elizabeth Banks is the face of the Hunger Games makeup line, Capitol Colours. The colors correspond to each of the districts, by the way.

From what I understand, Effie showing up in Mockingjay And Katniss’ PR Consultant was not in the book… but DANG IT that was the right play. She probably has more of a story arc than Katniss who goes from basically, “I don’t love Peeta” to “I can’t live without Peeta.” But when it comes to Josh Hutcherson… who can blame her, right?

Happy birthday, Ms. Banks. May the odds be ever in your favor.