Legion, Chapter 9

Things have changed. Legion picks up right where it left off – well, right where David left off. Right where David thinks he left off. Which is not where anyone else left off, or even where David really left off. So there is some unpacking to be done, but also the matter of a psychic plague that promises to be a symptom of a coming psychic pandemic.

There are questions. This episode is largely focused on asking those questions, what our principals are doing to answer them, and how they relate to the newly awake David.


Xavier’s Summer Camp For Gifted Children Summerland is out of the picture. Our junior campers have now sold out and joined up with Division 3, which is working out great for the science types and the fighting machines that live inside their bodies. Others, who may or may not have lost their husband to a psychic parasite, are not faring as well.

Melanie has one scene here, but it’s a good one, as she talks to Syd about abandonment and neglect. The parallel here is nice foreshadowing, but it’s also a good example of how well the show manages scope. The big picture is far from ignored (I mean, there are rooms full of comatose people chattering their teeth) but the personal stakes are not lost.


The scenes of Syd holding her breath as her teakettle boils illustrate this as well as anything. This leads to the payoff of Melanie’s teakettle steaming, which does more for her argument than any of her words. We know Syd wants David back. “Can I kiss you?” “You better.” But like a small, sticky darkness inside a pure white room where pretty people get busy, there is a doubt that will not be silenced.


The others welcome David, but have their own questions. Thankfully, we have Clark, who is as relatable as any g-man, and happy to open up about his troubled childhood to make a point. His story about watching soap operas with his mother is a great character moment, and it makes his point crystal clear. We know exactly what he means with the ice cream, even if he doesn’t touch it.

The questions about David aren’t exactly answered here, but there are glimpses. David strips down and crawls inside the psychic daiquiri to ostensibly explore and find Oliver/Lenny, but instead, we explore David’s memories: on a roof somewhere, having a wicked three-way danceoff with Lenny and Oliver in a nightclub. (I’m not sure the dance sequences mean anything, but I don’t care so long as they keep coming.) And somewhere in the crowd of that nightclub is a bald, heavyset man, who may be the Macguffin that sways our central conflict.


So there is plenty of foreshadowing of events we have yet to see. But there is a vague hint to one outcome, at least, provided by a glimpse inside the orb that took David at the end of season 1. Syd is there, somehow, still wearing her psychic compass but looking decidedly unhappy, and unwilling to speak. What she will not say, though, she will write or draw, and thankfully, all of David’s psychic powers allow him to win this round of Pictionary if not decode her cryptic warning.

The future, it seems, did not turn out well. And communicating across time, somehow, is a tremendous but necessary risk – it seems that future Syd may not be alone. There are plenty of serious present concerns here, but that final harbinger of one horrible future is enough to keep even a godlike mutant awake at night.

Stray Thoughts:

  • I didn’t mention the leader – the man in the basket hat – or “the computer that bleeds” yet. Right now that all seems like peripheral weirdness but I’m sure it will become pertinent soon enough.
  • The show remains visually stunning. I’m particularly fond of the D3 lunch boats.
  • Everyone is dressed great in this episode. The standout is probably Aubrey Plaza’s black-and-white high collar colorblock swimsuit. A lot of descriptors, yes, but that suit is beautiful.
  • I mean:
  • lenny-oliver-shadow-king-legion-season-2-episode-1
  • The suit appears in a pleasant psychic construct where it seems someone else has taken the wheel of Oliver’s body, and left Lenny and Oliver to languish in a pool. At least whoever is holding them captive is considerate.
  • Please, please, please, more of Syd practicing her powers with the fluffy Siamese cat.
  • I hope Clark shows up to speak with David in every episode.
  • Who doesn’t wake up from a three-way dance battle craving waffles?