Avocado Trivia Test Thread

I’m testing out the possibility of embedding Sporcle quizzes in on-site threads for the daily Avocado Trivia Tournament, rather than using FunTrivia. FunTrivia has been great, but the question bank is locked, which is very limiting. Based on my lazy cursory inspection, Sporcle would allow us to host the tournament on site, have a wider variety of questions, and even create our own quizzes (perhaps we could even have an Avocado’s quiz featured every Sunday or something). However, I don’t know for sure that it will work for our needs, hence this test thread.

I’d love for people to test out the quiz below (you’ll probably have to create a Sporcle account, but it’s free) so I can get a feel for how feasible this is and whether we’ll be able to track stats easily. Your feedback is also very welcome in the comments — good idea / bad idea, better sites than Sporcle, how to best use Sporcle, whatever. I’d particularly love to hear from regular and former ATT players, as this  would be a major change, and I don’t want to take away the FunTrivia quizzes if we prefer them (if we do end up switching to on-site Sporcle quizzes, I’ll wait until March so that the current February tournament on FunTrivia can play out).

Here’s a link to the quiz if the embed isn’t working for you.