Tommy’s February6 Every Day Thread

The 6th of February is the birthday of Kawase Tomoko. This year, she turns 44, which is not a particularly lucky number in Japan, but anyways…

Tomoko is (was?) the singer for the alt-rock band, The Brilliant Green, which released five albums between 1998 and 2010. In 2001, she started a goofy, slightly cheeky, 80s-tastic synthy pop side project called Tommy February6. Yes, she named the project after her birthday. And yeah, she was championing the 80s revival just as the 90s were on their way out. One thing that she occasionally does that I like, is pivot on a melody so that it briefly sounds a little weird, but then just keeps going like it was nothing. For example, that little bit in her first single where she uses the metal-friendly devil’s interval on the word “superstar” before transitioning to the chorus.

There is an actual music video for this song, but it seems to have been deleted from Youtube. Actually, that is not entirely true, but the music that accompanies the music video seems like some awkward Karaoke version. It is probably just as well, though, since I am not sure that people here will appreciate seeing a cheerleader’s head explode.

She also started a sort of early Avril Lavigne-esque whatever rock side project in 2003 called Tommy Heavenly6. I am not that fond of this side of her, but I enjoy some of the output, such as this song:

She has not really released much since 2015, but it is still her birthday. So, happy birthday to Kawase Tomoko.