The Doctor Mid-Nite Night Thread (2/6)

Charles McNider, a skilled surgeon, was called in to aid a key witness who was going to testify in a case against the mob. While doing his medical work, a mobster threw a grenade into the room, killing the witness and blinding McNider. His career as a surgeon seemed to be over.

One night, an owl crashed through the window of his house. Removing the bandages of his eyes, McNider discovered that he could see when it was perfectly dark. Devising a special visor so he could see in the day, Charles McNider fights crime as Doctor Mid-Nite.

So yeah… unlike some other superheroes who use the “Doctor” title, Doctor Mid-Nite is an actual doctor… even using his skills in the US Medical Corps in WWII.

Among his arsenal are the owl (who he named “Hooty”) who attacks on command and black-out bombs, which could black out all light and let Mid-Nite do ninja stuff. Doctor Mid-Nite was created primarily to flesh out the roster of the Justice Society of America. Eventually McNider would meet his death during the events of the big DC crossover/soft universe reboot Zero Hour.

McNider was succeeded in his role by two other superheroes wearing a shirt with a moon on it. There is Beth Chapel of Infinity, Inc., which is sorta “JSA: The Next Generation.” She actually spells her callname properly: “Doctor Midnight”. Her costume was styled after a choir robe. Wait… Beth CHAPEL? Choir robes? Kinda on the nose there, DC Comics. She died on a mission for the US Government to fight Eclipso.

The third Doctor Mid-Nite/Midnight is the Norwegian Pieter Cross, whose was delivered as a baby by Charles McNider and who also joined the JSA. All of them are doctors. The Mid-Nite Club takes the doctor thing seriously. They are also all blind, which is a dilly of a coincidence.