Sports Corner – February 6, 2019

And so the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever has come and gone, leaving a nation ready for a few weeks off before The Nick Foles Sweepstakes begins.  But as we bid farewell to 13-3, let’s remember one last time the previous lowest scoring the Super Bowl, Miami’s less than stirring 14-7 win over Washington in 1973, capping the Dolphins’ perfect season.  This one is remembered for a botched field goal attempt late in the game, following by kicker Garo Yepremian’s attempt to throw the ball.  It did not go well, and was intercepted and returned for Washington’s only TD, thus preventing what would have been the only shutout in Super Bowl history.  That game, like this week’s game, is regarded as either a total snooze or a dominant defensive performance.  Either way, hats off to a Patriots team most of us are sick of, but that has proven once more its greatness.


  • Goodbye, Kristaps.  Hello…cap space.  (More below in my NYC sports sub-corner)
  • The NBA All Star roster is set.  Next up: the draft
  • Lots of college basketball as the regular season races to the end
  • Spring training is nearly upon us.  Now, will someone PLEASE sign Harper and Machado?

As ever, all sports are welcome.