Box Office: February 1-3

The start of February is one that’s generally pretty weak with a few exceptions here and there over the years. When you have a relatively weak January slate and February doesn’t start off with a whole lot because of the expectations of numerous Super Bowl parties and focus, and dominance in advertising and more, there’s not a lot going on. The numbers also look to paint this Super Bowl weekend as the worst box office performance since 2000, so at least there’s something there.

Which is why Glass wins the weekend for the third time in a row as it hits $9.5 million for the weekend and just under $89 million since it debuted. It’s also done up $110 million overseas to bring it to just under $200 million on its meager budget. Shyamalan continues to say that he has no intention of revisiting this particular story anymore though.

The Upside also did well by holding onto its second place position for the third weekend in a row with an $8.8 million take to bring it to $75 million domestic. It’s still not opening much overseas with just $6 million there in about a dozen territories.

Miss Bala is the top performing new film as it lands in third place at $6.7 million for Sony which certainly isn’t good but it may not be a huge flop since it had a $15 million budget and they may make it up somewhat through home video, broadcast, and streaming rights. Which isn’t what they want to do but it’s better than a complete loss.

The polar vortex may have kept a lot of people out of the theater during the week and into the weekend but the slate of films didn’t help. Will next weekend help? The potential big film is The LEGO Movie 2 is landing in 4,100 screens from Warner Bros. while Paramount is counterprogramming with What Men Want in 2,800 screens. And Paramount needs some wins. Lionsgate/Summit is going for a dark action/drama that has some good comedic elements to it with Cold Pursuit arriving in 2,500 screens. Orion Pictures is hoping to provide something different as well with the horror film The Prodigy.

In smaller release, Ammo Content has Chokehold while The Orchard has Under the Eiffel Tower. Focus Features has a four-screen launch for Everybody Knows.

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