Public Domain Theater: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (& “Porky Pig’s Feat”)

Welcome to Public Domain Theater, your home for the wonderful world of films that have (in the United States, at least) fallen into the public domain, and are free for everyone to see!

This week, we present a . . . I suppose the word “classic” is technically correct . . . of B-Movie horror. It’s a strange amalgam of philosophizing about the nature of life and the soul along with what, in the early 60’s, passed for lurid exploitation, and most of you are likely more familiar with it as an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. We present to you, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!

But first! We have an all-time classic Looney Tunes short, “Porky Pig’s Feat”, featuring Porky Pig (natch), Daffy Duck, and a surprise appearance by another Looney Tunes All-Star.

So grab some popcorn, and pan full of brain serum, and enjoy the ride!

Opening Cartoon:

Feature Presentation:

(Warning: This YouTube channel [or whatever source they got the film from] has inserted a weird, five-second, religious interstitial in the middle of the movie. Just try to ignore that.)