RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4: Episode 8 Discussion Thread

Hey, kitty girls!

Welcome to another episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4! Last week, the queens had a challenge inspired by Restaurant Wars in which they had to design, build, and host their own club nights. The results made for one of the best and most creative challenges in Drag Race history. At the end of the episode, Valentina was sent home by Latrice Royale.

I enjoyed all of the club nights; Black Hole had a fun atmosphere, Club Hive was very polished, and Studio 96 wasn’t terrible. Naomi’s whispered “club 96…” was instantly iconic.

This week, the remaining contestants pair up with their “best Judy” (ie. best friend) for the traditional makeover challenge. The results should be fun. (Can I just say that I love how this season is engaging with drag tropes and gay culture in a meaningful and thoughtful manner? We’ve come a long way from the half-baked Andy Warhol “tribute” ball in All Stars 3.)

As per usual, this thread is for discussing the episode both as it airs and afterwards, so exercise judgment when it comes to using spoiler tags. Especially spoilery details are advised to be placed in spoiler tags.

In the words of Tatianna, thank yew, and enjoy tonight’s episode!