The Avocado

The Craftocado: Tools of the Trade

Hello and how are you, Craftocados?

As always… Whatcha makin’?

Today we talk tools. I love my tools. Both of the hardware store type and the crafting type. Do you have tools specific to your crafts that you enjoy? Do you love them and collect them like I do? It’s better not mentioned how many knitting needles and crochet hooks I have. A bunch I’ve inherited over the years, some I’ve purchased myself. I won a small set of carbon knitting needles a while back, which was very exciting for me.

Are there dream tools you’d get if you found yourself in a money is no object type of situation? (i.e. You win the lottery, or discovered you had a rich uncle you didn’t know about who left you his estate.) I’d set up a workshop with work spaces for fiber crafts, chainmail/beading/jewellery, stained glass, and bookbinding, and fill them all with the fanciest tools. I’d buy a Ringinator and an anodyzer for making my own jump rings for chainmail. All the fancy knitting needles, like those crazy expensive Signature needles. The fanciest glass grinder for stained glass. A proper book press. I’ll never be able to do this. But I can dream!